A Farewell Second Line for Frenchmen Art Market

Tomorrow, the Frenchmen Art Market will say goodbye to its home next to the historic Spotted Cat Music Club in true New Orleans fashion, with a second line parade and party. 


After five years, the Crescent City night market closed its gates for a final night of business in the wee morning hours of Monday (7.24) morning. A farewell parade and party is scheduled for the following evening. 


According to the Frenchmen Art Market organizers, the eviction was not due to any financial failings from the market. The team wrote in a farewell Facebook post, “we continued to pay our rent but decided to second line out when the sheriff arrives.” 


The second line will begin where it all began: 619 Frenchmen St. at 7PM. Then at around 8PM, Young Fellaz Brass Band will lead everyone a few streets over to the market’s new home, The Art Garage, at 2231 St. Claude Ave., for an epic after-party. The multi-purpose venue, located next to Siberia, began as a sister space to the Frenchmen Art Market, opened last year by market owner Kate Gaar. In addition to hosting the market on weekend nights, the Art Garage will continue to host a variety of "art brothel and art events." 


For the many artists who depend on the revenue from the market, the worry exists that the St. Claude Ave. drag will not attract as many patrons as the lot on the famed Frenchmen. As an anonymous vendor told NoDef, “We all feel a bit scared right now, the space is smaller and there’s just not as much foot traffic compared to Frenchmen.” She continued, “everyone who works at the market loves each other, we’re a tribe. I’d hate it if this creates competition or it breaks the beautiful community we’ve built over the years.” 


While some count the Frenchmen Art Market as another sad addition to the Ain’t Dere No More archives, others see this as a new chapter. Commencing Thursday (7.27), the market inside the Art Garage will run Thursdays-Saturdays from 8PM to 1AM. Gregor Fox, the real estate developer who owns the property next to the Spotted Cat, will open his own art fair called the Palace Market this fall. 



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