Brunch & Burn

St. Roch Market, 10AM

Yogalates, with food & mimosas to follow


Free Yoga Class

Parleaux Beer Lab, 11AM

$1 off beers for all attendees


Sacred Marketplace

Congo Square, 12PM

Unveiling the refurbished historic marker


Harry Potter's Birthday Party

Tubby & Coo's, 2PM

It's the boy wizard's bday


Cauche Mar & Evers

Castillo Blanco Art Studios, 9PM

Feat. Delish Da Goddess, Ekumen, Pine Box Social



Prytania Theatre, 10PM

Christopher Nolan's mind-bending masterpiece


Cocktail Treasure Hunt

Chartres House, 10AM

Hosted by the Krewe of Crescent City Dames


Stretch Your Day Out

The Drifter Hotel, 10AM

Poolside yoga


Summer Shrimp Boil-Off

Seaworthy, 2PM

Three chefs compete to make the best boil


Brush Lettering Workshop

Lionheart Prints, 2PM

Learn the art of penmanship


Cool Down Block Party

4100-4300 Magazine St., 5PM

Live music, free drinks, special sales, and more



Pan American Stadium, 6:30PM

Gaffa FC versus Cajun Soccer Club


Hot Summer Nights in the Ice Pit

Orpheum Theater, 7PM

A night of comedy


Bad Girls of Burlesque

House of Blues, 8PM

Monthly showcase at HOB


Mythological Hybrids 

Bar Redux, 9PM

Psych-rock sci-fi


Rocky Horror Picture Show

MechaCon Convention, 12AM

Feat. shadow cast, costumes, props 

Big Shrimpin’

It's mid-summer, which means you might have had your fill of crawfish boils by now. Turn your attention to another fruit of the sea with this weekend's upscale shrimp boil at The Ace Hotel. On Saturday (7.29), chefs from three top restaurants around town will go head to head to benefit the Audubon G.U.L.F. Institute. 


Held on the patio of Seaworthy, the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine Dan Causgrove will compete against Chef Ysaac Ramirez of Josephine Estelle (also at The Ace) and Chef Ryan Haigler of Grand Isle to create the best boil. The pros will be shelling fresh shrimp from Pistol P’s Seafood (aka Ricky the Shrimp Guy) in a bid to win the top title.


"The Shrimp Boil at Seaworthy is going to be a great party with a crew of chefs who love cooking our local seafood,” said Chef Dan. "An element of friendly competition will definitely spice up the party and the deliciousness for everyone involved.” 


Each attendee can enjoy beer and all-you-can-eat shrimp and fixings on the patio. Of course, no New Orleans event would be complete without a sweet soundtrack. Seaworthy bar manager Lisa Nguyen and DJ Suzy Q will be performing music duties all day. 


Most importantly, all proceeds from the event will benefit the Audubon G.U.L.F. Institute, an organization which has positively impacted the sustainable seafood industry that is so vital to New Orleans cuisine. Said Chef Dan, the Institute’s "work brings practical awareness of sustainability issues to our fishermen and has helped educate myself and other chefs around town about how to support and connect with fishermen who are doing it right."


Tickets to the boil are 30 bucks a pop, and can be purchased here. All proceeds will benefit the Audubon G.U.L.F. Institute. Attendees can make additional donations to the Institute as they wish. 



Summer Shrimp Boil-Off

Seaworthy, 630 Carondelet St.

Saturday (7.29), 2PM-7PM


A Farewell Second Line for Frenchmen Art Market

Tomorrow, the Frenchmen Art Market will say goodbye to its home next to the historic Spotted Cat Music Club in true New Orleans fashion, with a second line parade and party. 


After five years, the Crescent City night market closed its gates for a final night of business in the wee morning hours of Monday (7.24) morning. A farewell parade and party is scheduled for the following evening. 


According to the Frenchmen Art Market organizers, the eviction was not due to any financial failings from the market. The team wrote in a farewell Facebook post, “we continued to pay our rent but decided to second line out when the sheriff arrives.” 


The second line will begin where it all began: 619 Frenchmen St. at 7PM. Then at around 8PM, Young Fellaz Brass Band will lead everyone a few streets over to the market’s new home, The Art Garage, at 2231 St. Claude Ave., for an epic after-party. The multi-purpose venue, located next to Siberia, began as a sister space to the Frenchmen Art Market, opened last year by market owner Kate Gaar. In addition to hosting the market on weekend nights, the Art Garage will continue to host a variety of "art brothel and art events." 


For the many artists who depend on the revenue from the market, the worry exists that the St. Claude Ave. drag will not attract as many patrons as the lot on the famed Frenchmen. As an anonymous vendor told NoDef, “We all feel a bit scared right now, the space is smaller and there’s just not as much foot traffic compared to Frenchmen.” She continued, “everyone who works at the market loves each other, we’re a tribe. I’d hate it if this creates competition or it breaks the beautiful community we’ve built over the years.” 


While some count the Frenchmen Art Market as another sad addition to the Ain’t Dere No More archives, others see this as a new chapter. Commencing Thursday (7.27), the market inside the Art Garage will run Thursdays-Saturdays from 8PM to 1AM. Gregor Fox, the real estate developer who owns the property next to the Spotted Cat, will open his own art fair called the Palace Market this fall. 



Horoscopes for Week of July 24th

Trust your process.

Take it day by day (step by step).


You are in a relationship with your most divine self whether you realize it or not. And that divine self nudges, pokes, prods, and slaps you from time to time (or all the time) so you can make it to them. Let that sink in for a moment. Whether you call it the universe, your future selves, your ancestors, and/or this or that god(ess) there are powers greater than you supporting your journey.


And if that is too woo for you, then look around you and you may realize that you are surrounded by people in support of you becoming your best self (if this is not the case, note that). This week when your thoughts, anxieties, and fears threaten to overwhelm you, can you remind yourself that you are held? Can you remind yourself to take it step by step before you get ahead of your self?


Can you remind yourself that you (probably) cannot tell the future? That you do not know what tomorrow holds? And so what can you do but surrender to a larger plan for your life?


Do not forget that as much as the universe nudges you, you can nudge it right back. This is why we set goals and intentions, this is why we pray. Through our sheer will we can direct the universe to please us. Do not forget that, you are not simply a passive speck, you can happen to the universe as much as it happens to you.


This journey is long and deeply confusing. What can we do but try to live each day as it comes and comfort ourselves that it is okay not to know?


And this old road is rough and ruined

So many dangers along the way

So many burdens might fall upon me

So many troubles that I have to face


But that is why we trust. Not only in our most divine selves to guide us exactly where we need to go, but in the divine power of the universe and the divine power of our spirit.


Oh, but I won’t let my spirit fail me

Oh, I won’t let my spirit go

Until I get to my destination

I’m gonna take it slowly ’cause I’m making it mine


Whitney will see you through. Have faith and remind yourself when you begin to feel choked with uncertainty — step by step.


Take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to read your sun and rising sign.




Your dream visions for the world are too important to dismiss Pisces. Trust your interpretation of the big picture and what our next steps should be as a collective. Trust the ways you realize you can be of service to your communities and let that shape any job decisions you may be grappling with. Share your opinions this week and watch as the people ready to hear what you have to say make themselves known to you.


If you feel that you are coming into some responsibility regarding the fate of your community, keep going. Keep uncovering more and more of your truth and stepping into you power as a leader. This is a long unfolding, step by step dear Pisces. 


Mercury starts the week offering insight into your daily work, routines, health, and wellness. Use some of Mercury’s clear-eyed vision to conjure up a plan to get the coin and security you need. Mercury is also pulling you to cultivate the discipline to see your plans through, be willing to create boundaries with yourself so you can manifest what you need.

Get comfortable this week. Note which relationships you feel safe enough to release in and which have you on edge — how can you set clearer boundaries around your heart? Go where you can melt, go where you feel seen, held, and adored.




Keep going, Aquarius. Keep stepping into yourself as a visionary with a plan to make the world more just and more liberated. Continue doing your personal work and getting intimate with your wounds so you can serve your highest purpose with clarity and confidence.


But who will fight alongside you?


Think deeply about the kind of intimate relationships your heart truly yearns for. No, not for the Rev, not for your community, not for the social capital — for your heart. Perhaps you will realize the people you desire to bring into your fold do not quite fit the illusory perfect babe that exists in your community, but have you not alway been a bit different, dear Aquarius? Love who calls you to express and be free. Love who enlightens you and challenges you to think even bigger. Love who reminds you that all that you preach you better practice. Love who reminds you that it is okay to grieve.


If there are some relationship wounds that need tending to, some conversations that need having, this week (particularly Wednesday) is deeply in support of such an act of bravery. Get what you need from past lovers so that their memories do not cloud your vision and block your ability to see the deep love that can exist in your life. Even if you are not ready by Wednesday, rest easy. The universe will be working here with you for a long while yet, so take your time (step by step). When you are ready to surrender to the deep work of loving another and being accountable to them you may find yourself even more empowered to do the work that needs doing. The transformational power of spiritual commitment is funny like that.




You are getting to know yourself at the deepest levels dear Capricorn. As you search your soul you may unearth things that terrify you — reminder: you were not built to break. Keep going, keep letting people into your life in deep ways, and keep surrendering to the divine plan for your life.


Mondays’s trine between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries is pulling you to make home where you can be the fullest expression of yourself, kinks and all. Do not settle for home spaces where you have to hide parts of yourself if you can avoid it. By Tuesday, Mercury will move into your ninth house of scholarly exploration and adventure. If you are yearning for new horizons and new knowledge, sate yourself. Responsibilities and all, you deserve to experience what the world has to offer. The more emotionally grounded you can remain, the more space you will have in your life to adventure as you need.


The transiting north node in Leo is calling you to go after what your spirit truly wants. If there is a kink you have been wanting to try, secret witchy shit you are ready to admit to, an XXX film you are ready to star in, or anything of a ‘taboo’ nature that may have you shy but still gets you excited, i remind you that your life is yours to live. Get to it.




You have all the wisdom you need dear Sagittarius, let it guide you where you need to go. Listen to your wisdom when it tells you to listen, because there is a lot of information and revelations coming your way this week. Listen for ways to continue cultivating expansive love in intimate relationships that also allows you to do all the exploring you need. Listen to your creative impulses and perhaps even act on them (if there was ever a time to go on ahead and act, it is now while the sun is in Leo). Trust yourself if it is time to put something of yours into the world.


As you get more real with yourself about what you truly desire and what you truly want to manifest in this lifetime, you may find your path asks you to rethink the ways you want to move in the world and the kind of recognition you desire. The next month or so will offer you deep insight into your career and how you relate to it, keep working to align your work with what you truly value and wish to see in the world. If your day dreaming about day jobs takes your mind to other locales, sit with it. Fear of uprooting needs to be balanced by your ability to expand dear Sagittarius. Let your creative impulses guide you to where you may need to go in order to make them happen as best they can.


The collective ache you feel for your communities is your guide as well this week. Be open to revelations around the daily work you are willing to do to be of service to your people.




You are brilliant, capable, and excellent dear Scorpio. Let that truth allow you to claim and name the knowledge you need in order to manifest your dream job. The weight of your debts and the deep desire you have to secure yourself for the future may be crushing at times. I implore you to trust yourself. Would you really ever let yourself down? Would you really ever jeopardize your money flow? Trust your ability to hustle! Of all signs it is you who is able to turn lead to gold, do not underestimate your ability to take a risk and make it work through your sheer willpower.


You may feel restless this week if you are unable to get up and do the work you truly wish to do everyday, let that be a cue that you may need to shift something if you are to get what you want. Slow and steady is certainly a way to go, but Uranus may be offering you serious acceleration if you are willing to surrender to such a transformative planet with this Tuesday's trine between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries.


And yet, I want to remind you to go on ahead and take your time, because you are not on anyone’s timeline but your own (including mine!). If restlessness threatens to sour your mood, find ways to release it, find ways to accept the plan you have in place and its unfolding. Allow this week to remind you of all that you are working for and accept that it may be a long while yet. How can you be on your journey with joy instead of despair? Will you arrive at your dream ragged and drained or with laughter and serenity? The work is in the process.




Language is hard. do not lament if words and communication are not working for you quite as you like. No matter how frustrating, keep communicating with the grace, thoughtfulness, and awareness that you are so celebrated for dear Libra. You may also be noticing another skill developing — the ability to speak your truth and name your boundaries. The ways you are arranging your intimate (love) relationships to fit you is important although it may be tiring. Keep working for what your spirit needs and deserves, this will come too.


No matter how you were raised, you have the right to create the family life you desire. You have the right to explore your lineages, uncover secrets, and (re)connect with your ancestors. You have the right to pour your energy into your chosen family. You have the right to refuse your blood family. You have the right to unlearn patterns and ways of communicating you learned from the folks who raised you. As you learn to speak your truth more and more, be open to revelations regarding family dynamics and how they shape(d) you.


How you move and exist in the world is also heavily on your mind dear Libra. It is a lot to take in, reminder that there is only so much you can grapple with day to day. When you find your mind beginning to get stuck on details you cannot control, pause. You are too precious to be stressed. Focus on shining bright this Leo season and letting the spotlight fall on you. Use the attention people are willing to pour upon you to gain inspiration for your next adventure and simply learn about the world through the eyes of others.


As I have said for the last couple of weeks, keep inscribing boundaries around you soul, spirit, and energy. This week is strongly in support of you making boundaries so that you can feel safe enough to bloom. Before the blooming, make sure to block all (and who) has you feeling insecure, violated, or too shy to speak what you truly believe.




It does not get said often enough, but home can be a place of warfare too. Whether with land lords, leaky pipes, roommates, and/or lovers, home is not always as peaceful as you need (and deserve). Turbulence in the home space will drain you more than usual with the sun in your twelfth house of rest and recuperation. This in mind, how can you become more peaceful so that more peace will come to your home? How can you proactively let your people know you need space and permission to withdraw into yourself and process the last year of your life?


You may also feel turbulence in your partnerships deeply, again, how can you be proactive? How can you be a better partner so you create the harmony you crave? If your relationships threaten to overwhelm you or you simply cannot hold it together, what truth can you return to so you remember yourself? When you are ready to throw your hands up and check out, when your walls comes up, how can you return to softness? What do you need to be at peace dear Virgo? Peace is hard yet wanting to be at peace feels ever urgent. Trust your process. Remember that your growth is not linear and there will be many steps back for all the steps forward. Trust.


There may be a balancing act occurring between you creative life and your home space, listen this week for hints and revelations to make it all fit together a bit more smoothly and efficiently. You may need to make the decision to say “no” to some things so you can say yes to yourself. No need to act, it will unfold as it needs (step by step!).

Go where there is least resistance, if your home space feels heavy and stagnant, may i suggest you find another space to work? With Saturn in the area of your chart that deals with home, there can be some heaviness and even struggle in the home space. Even though it may pain you, know when to leave and spend your time elsewhere.


Oh and begin to wind down, for this is your time to rest! I am happy to remind you of this every week of Leo season.




Keep getting free and keep following your heart. As you work to manifest bigger adventures and new horizons, make sure your impulses do not lead to big messes in your current relationships. Fortunately, Mercury, ruler of communication is in your favor this week and offers you the opportunity to say what you need to say even if it may cause some tension. In the midst of your conversations how can you ensure you protect your heart and the hearts of those you love? While the timeline may be frustrating, freedom is often a long wait. If you have moments of frustration this week, pause and remember that you can only take it one step at a time. Trust that even with all the obstacles, you are going to get where you need to go.


Keep working with your work, keep empowering yourself to find the day job that is the best fit for you and all that you are trying to learn. Keep working to ensure you have the sustenance you need. Opportunity to say no to those who are happy to take your labor but withhold the coin you deserve.




Saturn is calling you to build discipline and ritual in order to be well dear Cancer. Saturn is demanding your resilience and stability no matter what your life (and emotions) throw your way. You may not see it, but you are building your power and learning that you possess more than enough support, love, and affirmation to offer yourself. No need to seek it elsewhere. Last week I called for you to take the nurturing you readily give to others and give it to yourself. I know that is not something accomplished in one week! Worry not, for the universe continues to support your work drawing clearer boundaries between your self and those you are in intimate relationship with.


Mercury is cutting through some of your fog this week, use the moments of clarity to ask for what you need in order to feel secure and stable at work. Choose to communicate with intention and thoughtfulness (protect your throat!) over allowing your anger/frustration/restlessness to speak poorly on your behalf.


If you are confused and uncertain, admit it! Can you trust that we are all kind of confused and uncertain? Option to ask for the support you need. Option to find the people in your life who can hear all your sorrows with love and affection. You do not need to figure this out alone.




You and… You and the people in your life who hold you down and love you deeply.


What does it mean to hold space for others? What does it mean to truly listen? Yes, there is much to express dear Gemini, ensure you know when to listen to an opinion other than your own. Listening is difficult when a mind moves as quickly as yours, take your learning step by step. How can you listen a little bit better this week? Your growth here will only strengthen your intimate relationships.


On Tuesday Mercury moves to your fourth house of family, ancestors, roots, and home. It is through your roots that you learn so much of what you want to share with the world. But roots are not only built with (blood) family, right? Allow the roots you have built outside of your family to empower you to see the boundaries you may need to set with your family in order to feel safe, seen, and grown. You are growing up/grown, make sure your family is aware of that.




Let your iron will to create a sustainable, comfortable, and resilient future for yourself and your family (chosen or otherwise) guide you this week. The life you are trying to manifest is a long unfolding, which can be difficult. If you find yourself frustrated this week, remember, step by step. You are going where you need to go and you are manifesting what you need. Reminder to pause and take it easy from time to time. Reminder to celebrate your family in the present as much as you plan for their future!


When in doubt return to your ancestors and where you come from to guide you forward. You are undergoing immense growth, do not be afraid to call on them to prop you up when you feel weak. If you are willing, this week may offer you the opportunity to open up to someone you feel deeply comfortable with. If you find them by all means share and set the intention to reciprocate the incredible gift they are giving you. It may seem that you are alone in this journey, but you are not.

For all that you wish to put into the world, you need boundaries to make it happen. Not just boundaries with everyone else, boundaries with your self as well. If there are some habits tending toward excess, how can you exercise some willpower so you can manifest your long term success?




Before you open your mouth you have a choice about how you will communicate your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. As you come more deeply into your belief systems, how can you make sure they are not becoming so rigid you are unable to listen to others? Yes, your beliefs may call to you at the soul level, but there is no need to harshly judge others for seeing things differently. Of course, there is a fine line to walk when it comes to being open to other people’s opinions and knowing when to say, “do not speak that mess around me.” Reflect on your communication and listening this week dear Aries. Are there places you can be a bit less harsh? Are their places you need to get way more tough? Above all else make sure you have enough room to express yourself fully.


If you can maintain a clear head while communicating (and some grace) this week, you may find more space than usual to simply state what you need in a way that warms your heart and keeps your friendships harmonious. Note where you communication remains abrasive, that may be a place to begin softening.


Keep working your work. Keep making sure you have enough room to learn what you need to learn. You are in charge of your life, so you are in charge of the work you do everyday. If you find it still falls outside of your beliefs and values, what can you shift in order to create more alignment here?


You are undergoing a massive growth dear Aries, and you are slowly but surely coming into yourself. The pieces may not be fitting together as you like just yet but how can you take it step by step so you are not flustered and overwhelmed? Take care of your heart and take it easy. 


– – – – –


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here


Overnight Crime Report: Sexual Assault, Unclassified Death, Kidnapping, Traffic Fatality, Officer in Danger, Property Snatching

The New Orleans Police Department saw six crimes hit the city on Sunday (7.23). According to the Major Offense Log (MOL), the NOPD responded to a sexual assault, unclassified death, simple kidnapping, traffic fatality, officer life in danger, and property snatching. 


At 3:33PM, a 41-year-old woman reported a sexual assault which occurred 23 years ago by a known male, on the 10100 block of Dwyer Rd. 


At 3:56PM, a 47-year-old man was found unresponsive in his apartment on the 500 block of Esplanade Ave. by a family friend. EMS pronounced him dead on scene, but his cause of death is undetermined. 


A unknown woman and four subjects were last seen at a business on the 1200 block of Poydras St. at 5:17PM. According to the MOL, the three subjects attacked the woman, knocking her out. She was then placed inside of a car and the perps fled on Loyola. 


At the intersection of I-10W and S. Claiborne St., an unknown man was traveling west on a motorcycle at 11:29PM when he hit a guardrail. He was ejected from his bike and, according to police, came to rest at the S. Claiborne onramp. He was pronounced dead on scene. 


An NOPD officer was patrolling at the area of Jefferson and Camp St. when a subject in a grey car pulled up at 1:18AM and started shooting at him. He was transported to a nearby hospital. His current condition is unknown. 


17-year-old Emmanuel Brister was apprehended following a property snatching at the intersection of Dumaine and Bourbon. At 3:48AM, a 26-year-old man was on his phone when Brister allegedly approached on a bicycle. Brister then snatched his phone out of his hands and fled. 


Readers with information that can help solve a crime are asked to call Crimestoppers at 822-1111 or toll-free 1-877-903-STOP. You could receive a cash reward of up to $2,500 for the information leading only to the arrest, except on homicides, where Crimestoppers will pay half of the reward upon the arrest and half on the indictment of the responsible person(s). You do not have to give your name nor testify to receive the reward but you must contact Crimestoppers directly with your information. Citizens can also submit an anonymous tip online to Crimestoppers at www.crimestoppersgno.org.

Nola Daily

Today in NOLA 7.24.17

Today, learn how to make your own tinctures, cleanse your chakras, enjoy the sounds of Gypsy Juke Box, or enter the sonic dream world of Pink Lion. On this day in 1989, Ernest Fredric “Ernie” Morrison, who performed under the nickname “Sunshine Sammy” and was in both the “East Side Boys” and “Our Gang” as well as playing sidekick to Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard, passed away. Now, more to do this Monday. 


Tincture Making (Under the Waning Moon, 6PM)

Tinctures are one of the most oldest and most potent ways of crafting medicine, featuring an infusion of plants and alcohol. Now, the team at Asc3ntion Art is sharing their knowledge of herbs and brews to help people learn to master this technique for themselves. 


Reiki Chakra Cleanse (Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center, 6:30PM)

Chakras are the seven energetic focal points in the body capable of harboring undesirable energy. This meditative course will go over each of the chakras and their functions. It will also cover how to clear them from stagnant or blocked energy and how to heal them. The class will be follow by a chakra reiki attuned meditation.


Gypsy Juke Box (Dragon’s Den, 7PM)

Keep your Tales of the Cocktail weekend going at Dragon’s Den. Come select songs that you remember from your grade school days from Dr. Sick Gypsy’s Juke Box. His band will give them a gypsy spin, creating plenty of energy to get down. Catch a swing dance lesson upstairs, kicking off at 7:30PM. 


Pink Lion (Rare Form, 10PM)

Vocalist Nora Jane Messerich and guitarist Tristan Gianola come together as Pink Lion. Together they perform original compositions and nuanced arrangements to create a dreamy, sonic soundscape that is easy to get lost in. Float your Monday blues away. 

NOLA Lore: The Witch That Rides

Each week, J.A. Lloyd will take readers through the secret and unexamined legends, myths, and folklore of New Orleans past. This week, learn about the cauchemar.

– – – – –  

Imagine waking in the dead of night, startled yet unable to put a finger on what caused you to wake so suddenly. As you stare at the ceiling, you take in your surroundings. It is all as familiar as it should be but you cannot shake the feeling that something is just…off.


In an attempt to force yourself back to sleep, you try to turn over. You try again. And again. Then the realization hits you — you can’t move. It does not matter how hard you strain, not even a finger will lift from the bed. Panic sets in with an immediate reaction to call for help. You try to speak out and no sound rises from your throat; your words are gone akin to your ability to move. And then another staggering awareness grips you; it’s difficult to breathe. In fact, there’s a crushing weight unlike anything you’ve ever experienced sitting upon your chest and you wonder if this is what it feels like to be buried alive.


Your perception abruptly shifts once more realizing that there’s a presence in the room. There is no relief in the knowledge of company; rather, a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. Your mind repeats the words, “You are not alone.” The others in the room are making strange animal-like noises. The sounds are barely audible, but there’s no mistaking the unearthly pitch that rings in your ears.


One stands at the foot of the bed and though it has no eyes, you can feel its gaze upon you. The other is the cause of the weight upon your chest. It sits there, growling, scratching and strangling the air from your lungs. Though this has happened before, the raw fear is just as unbearable as the first time. Your heart might burst. The doctor suggested a change in sleep patterns. Perhaps some medication if the problem doesn’t remedy itself. He said there was no cause for concern because, sometimes, it just happens. Yet in the back of your mind you can’t help but recall your grandmother’s warning to beware cauchemar.


– – – – –  


When the body is unable to transition from one stage of sleep to another, many individuals experience what the medical field refers to as sleep paralysis. The paralysis occurs during the phase in which the body attempts to shift from sleep to wakefulness and can take place at two different points in time. The most common time is during the period of falling asleep. In this phase the body begins to relax and, though the conscience is aware, surrends ability to react via speech or movement. The second most common time that this occurs is when an individual is waking from sleep. During sleep, the body goes through approximately five cycles that alternate back and forth between NREM and REM. When an individual is unable to smoothly transition from NREM to REM before the competition of a cycle it sets the stage for sleep paralysis.


While symptoms of sleep paralysis vary from person to person, the glitch in restfulness does exude some horrifically common traits found in nearly every person who has experienced the occurrence. The symptoms include feelings of dread and overwhelming fear, the inability to move, difficulty breathing, pressure upon the chest, the sense of another presence in the room, sometimes including demonic hallucinations. Unfortunately, for those who experience the ordeal, doctors say there is no cure and the best practice to stave off episodes is to somehow figure out how to sleep better. While medical professionals point to the body skipping a beat during sleep as the cause for sleep paralysis, there are those, particularly here in Louisiana, who believe otherwise. This belief has nothing to do with the body’s rest transitions and everything to do with something more sinister. It is the belief in cauchemar.


Cauchemar, literally translated, means nightmare in French. In Louisiana, the word is all but nonexistent outside of those with Creole, African American, or French descent. The cauchemar, sometimes referred to as witch riding, is a creature that appears during the night and steals the breath from its victims by sitting on their chest. These creatures are demonic in nature and it is rumored that if one spends too much time with an individual that it is riding, the result is death.


Stories of the cauchemar can be traced as far back as the 13th century, where tales of the creature began to emerge in Scandinavia. In Slavic folklore the creature is an evil spirit known as a mare. Just like the cauchemar, it is said to ride the chest of its victims during sleep and bring about nightmares and/or death.


Though like many phenomena in NOLA Lore, belief in cauchemar has dwindled over the past few decades, the folklore of the creature still remains strong across the state. In Lafayette, there are reports of students leaving the dorms of UL based on the belief that a cauchemar also resides in its halls. 


According to the modern belief in the cauchemar, no one is immune to witch riding. Steps, however, can be taken to protect oneself against the possibility of assault. One of the most common forms of protection in Cajun lore is that of prayer. It is generally believed that people who do not say their prayers are more susceptible to attack. Similarly, Germans also believed in prayers to protect against their version of cauchemar, the mare. An additional means of protection against witch riding, and arguably the most suggested guard, is to never fall sleep lying on the back. The advice against the sleeping position shares an interesting correlation to those who suffer from sleep paralysis as studies conclude that individuals who fall asleep on their backs are far more likely to experience an episode of the crippling experience.


Legends such as these nightmare creatures, the mares, or Louisiana's local cauchemar are the bases for any nightmare. These stories lay the foundations for the terrors that keep people up at night. It is within in reason, however, to suppose that the cauchemar exists as an explanation for something that, until recently, could not be explained by scientific logic. It wasn’t so long ago that humanity lacked the ability to study the brain and share some true understandings about sleep patterns.


Demons, witches, and all things that go bump in the night were the logical answers in our earlier history, and remain as the villains in the shadows for a good number of people.


It does not matter if you believe in the tales of creatures bringing about bad dreams, terrors, and death, or if you subscribe to the modern diagnosis of sleep paralysis, which suggests that all of these evil demons are sheer creations from your own mind. Each end of the spectrum holds a frightening answer.  


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