Second Line Alert: Perfect Gentlemen and Dignified Achievable Men & Women

Father's Day is time for all men to shine. In Central City, it also means it's time for the Perfect Gentlemen to step out for their annual parade. On Sunday afternoon, the club heads out to the streets, wishing all a Happy Father's Day. 


The Perfect Gentlemen Social Aid & Pleasure Club will be "taking da street" this year alongside friends including the Dignified Achievable Men & Women Social & Pleasure Club. This year's DAM Queen is Genika Gibson, while Miss Dam is LaToya Hartford. Aldiva Taylor will serve at DAM Big Shot for 2017. 


The parade starts at 3PM. Full details below. 


START: Gladstone Bar & Lounge

Up Delachaise Street to St Charles Ave

Left Turn On St Charles

Proceed Down St Charles to Washington Ave

Left Turn On Washington Ave

STOP: Verret's Bar

Proceed Down Washington Ave

STOP: Washington Ave & LaSalle Street

Proceed Down Washington Ave to South Claiborne Ave

Right Turn On South Claiborne Ave

Proceed Down South Claiborne Ave to Jackson Ave

Right Turn On Jackson Ave

STOP: Kings Fashion

Proceed Up Jackson Ave to LaSalle Street

Right On LaSalle Street

Proceed Up LaSalle Street to Third St

Left Turn On Third St

Proceed Up Third St

STOP: Green Zebra Bar

Proceed Up Third St to St Charles Ave

Right Turn On St Charles Ave

Proceed Up St Charles Ave to Delachaise

Left Turn On Delachaise

DISBAND: Gladstone Bar & Lounge




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