Flower Power

This Saturday, an epic plant-themed experiential party will channel the powers of the summer solstice and inspire New Orleanians to come into bloom, as the team at the Airlift’s Music Box Village host a seasonal shindig at their Bywater home, neighboring the End of the World. 


Dubbed Bloomsbotanica, the event will feature an afternoon of free fun in the sun (think waterslidin’ to some live music), evolving from a family friendly affair to a more adult-oriented experiential dance party into the evening. “It’s the last chance to be outside for the season, really,” said Jay Pennington, co-founder of New Orleans Airlift. Bloomsbotanica, he said, is "similar in format to some of our other parties, Halloween and Mardi Gras in particular” — a reveling combination of live music, interactive activities, and pop-up performances. “It’s always so cool to see people be in the space and have everyone really interact and shape the night.” 


During the daytime block party, Pennington will supply music as his alternate persona DJ Rusty Lazer, performing along with DJQ for the free party running 2-6PM. After 6PM, the evening will play host to Quintron performing with his light-activated Drum Buddy, as well as Room Thirteen, rap royalty Delish Da Goddess, and Ratty Scurvics on the calliope and grand piano. There will also be experiential performative and musical moments from Yamil Rodriguez, Brandon Johnson, Elizabeth Seleen, Nikki Crooke, Oblivia of Local Honey, and plenty more performers. 


The performances Saturday evening will run the gamut of songs and short scenes to experiences more attuned to the power of the solstice ceremony. “There will be some more ritualistic moments, more intentionally repetitive behaviors throughout the night to witness as well,” said Pennington. 


The dress code is “floral botanical experimental tropical” — a fitting style for an event celebrating the solstice (which is in fact to occur on Tuesday, June 20th), as well as for the fundraising initiative behind the party. Music Box Village will be raising funds to build the Music Box Herbal & Edible Garden, a partnership with the Edible Schoolyard that will eventually allow for Airlift to be self-sufficient with their edible needs. The team is also accepting plant cuttings to begin the garden. For people who cannot attend Bloomsbotanica but would still like to make a financial contribution, donations are accepted on the Airlift website. 

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