Astro Forecast (May 2017)

One of Earth Odyssey's resident psychic readers Nancy shares the May astrology forecast for planetarily-minded New Orleanians. Read on below to learn what's in the stars this month. 


A child born under May 10th's Full Moon will be witty with a touch of genius, backed up with hard work. That's the temporary influences that we will all be working under at this time, as the planet Uranus conjuncts Mercury in the quick sign of Aries. And what are we working for? With the Full Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus, and both comfortably aligned with Pluto in Capricorn, we are trying to get comfortable both physically (including financially) and emotionally.


As lovely as that sounds, with the placement of Uranus, there are obstacles- truths may suddenly come to light temporarily disrupting comfort. People may think and speak in ways that surprise others and themselves. Be prepared to adapt (politely) and know that the situations and relationships with staying power are within reach; they may simply be different than we expected. With a Full Moon in fixed signs we are trying to keep what's good and build on the past. There are many planetary aspects supporting this but others that have people speaking out in ways that are surprising. Fixed full moons can lead to boredom and being stuck in a rut. This one will not be boring.


With the New Moon in Gemini on the 25th, we can start making the changes in our thinking that help us to adapt to these surprising truths. Gemini is mutable, meaning this is a time when we can adapt to changing circumstances and interesting developments of the full moon. Mars is across from Saturn- our actions have long-term consequences and we need to think them through even if that leads to short-term discomfort. Venus conjuncts Uranus suggesting some persuasive charm; remember while you are showing off all that charisma and potentially convincing others, so are they. Again, as uncomfortable as you find it, think it through first! Gemini encourages us to think quickly on our feet but Mercury in Taurus says slow down at some point and consider what caution might require. 

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