Astro Forecast (April 2017)

One of Earth Odyssey's resident psychic readers Nancy shares the April astrology forecast for planetarily-minded New Orleanians. Read on below to learn what's in the stars this month. 


With a full moon in Libra and a new moon in Taurus, April starts with our trying to push gently forward and then changes to pulling back. Let's see what we can do with those tendencies. 

On April 11 the full moon in Libra wither the sun in Aries creates tensions between wanting to be part of a couple or a team and wanting to spend time single or alone. These could, with the involvement of Pluto, be coming from others' passive-aggressive actions; be sure they aren't coming from your own. Right now it may be tempting to get back at others but given these planetary transits, that will fail. Mars in trine to Pluto lets us know that getting rid of tensions physically (I meant exercise) really will work. 


All through April two planets (Uranus and Saturn) in trine to the North Node of the Moon bring sudden encounters with spiritual teachers we are fated to meet. On the day of the New Moon April26, Mercury joins the mix along with the Sun and Moon themselves. If we are trying to get in touch with spirit guides or other teachers, with the involvement of Mercury, they may be communicative, if not a bit pompous (because of Saturn in Sagittarius). If you haven't ever tried to get in touch with spirit guides, this New Moon is a good time for it. It's also a good time to start a new spiritual practice, particularly one needing introspection or meditation or quiet communication whether it be alone or with people, healing plants, essential oils, or gems and crystals. Mercury is retrogradefrom April 10 through May 3, so most of April is better for turning inward than for communicating ideas outwardly. 

All of April, a very good time for making sure we understand what we are learning. Let's use it well!

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