Parade Planner: Babylon, Chaos, Muses

Tonight is one of the most anticipated evenings in all of Carnival season. The Knights of Babylon kick off the evening's processions, followed by Chaos and the superstar ladies krewe Muses, all on the traditional uptown route. Crowds will be large with the night's mix of old line and new school appealing to all tastes. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) is calling for daytime teperatures in the mid to high 70's with a drop down to the mid 60's as evening arrives and the parades begin. No chance of rain, so leave the umbrellas and layers at home. 


Knights of Babylon (Uptown-St. Charles route, 5:30 PM) 

The 200+ member Knights was established as the "Jesters' Club" in 1939. This year’s Sargon, or king, will not be revealed until they roll down the Avenue, in keeping with tradition. Babylon features 21 floats.


Also keeping with tradition, the krewe adheres to the original 78 year old designs of their floats. This parade is flambeaux central with nearly every float lit by the lantern-bearers. Another nod to the past is the mule drawn float carrying the Sargon.

Here's the route, direct from the krewe:


Krewe of Chaos (Uptown-St. Charles route, 6:30 PM)

Knights of Chaos began after old-line krewe of Momus stopped parading. Their King's identity is never revealed and the theme is kept secret until the parade every year. The satire-minded krewe has 16 floats, some of which were used by Momus. The remainder of the floats are designed by Royal Artists.


Krewe of Muses (Uptown-St.Charles route, 6:30 PM)

Now on their 17th year, the first all-female krewe to roll at night promises to deliver some of Carnival’s most coveted throws once again. The customized shoes are the main prize, but the throws include bracelets, light-up beads, and a bevy of treasures for eager parade goers. Muses follows Chaos down St. Charles Ave. The parade features 29 floats, with a new Mama Duck and Duckies three-part float unveiled this year to follow the iconic Bathing Muses float.


Former NBC anchor Tamron Hall will reign as “Honorary Muse” during the all-female krewe’s parade. 

Here's the route:


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