Parade Planner: Zulu Anniversary Parade

It’s never too early to start thinking about Mardi Gras. In fact, Zulu is already looking towards fat Tuesday. The storied krewe’s 107th Anniversary Parade rolls through the Treme and Seventh Ward today as candidates compete for coveted spots on the big day.


Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club's annual anniversary parade brings the club to the backstreets every year. Warning: This parade stops often, as candidates for each of the club's 2015 characters (King, Governor, Big Shot, Witch Doctor) each get a stop to do some campaigning. Zulu elections are held the last weekend of May.


The festivities begin at 2:30p.m. Check out the full route below.


START: The Other Place, 1224 St. Bernard Ave. 

2017 King Candidate Terry Williams. 


Continue on St. Bernard Ave.

STOP 1: Cocktails, 1335 St. Bernard Ave.

2017 King Candidate Wilbert Thomas Sr. 


Continue on St. Bernard Ave.

STOP 2: The Autocrat Club, 1725 St. Bernard Ave. 

2017 King Candidate Adonis C. Expose. 


Take a right on to A.P. Tureaud. 

Continue on A.P. Tureaud. 

Turn left onto N. Miro. 

Continue on N. Miro.

STOP 3: Seal's Class Act, 2169 Aubry St. 

2017 Big Shot Candidate Conny Horton. 


Continue on to N. Miro. 

Turn Left on St. Bernard Ave. 

Continue on St. Bernard.

STOP 4: Jak's Hair Studio, 1836 St. Bernard Ave. 

2017 Big Stuff Candidate Sam "Smith. 


Continue on St. Bernard "Ave. 

Take a right on to N. Claiborne Ave.

STOP 5: Jackie's Touch of Class, 925 N. Claiborne Ave. 

2017 King Candidate Sheppard P. Roubion Sr. 


Continue on N. Claiborne. 

Take a left on to St. Ann St. 

Continue on St. Ann. 

Turn right on N. Villere St.

STOP 6: Bertha's Place, 1501 Basin St. 2017 

Big Stuff Candidate Ardell Freeman 


Turn right on Basin. 

Continue on Basin St.

STOP 7: Treme Bar & Grill, 1535 Basin St. 2017 

Big Stuff Candidate Lewis Willis. 


Continue on Basin.

STOP 8: Basin Street Lounge, 1600 Basin St. 

2917 Big Shot Candidate Darrin "DJ" Johnson. 


Continue on Basin Street to Orleans Ave. 

Continue on Orleans Ave.

STOP 9: Carver Theater, 2101 Orleans Ave. 

2017 Big Shot Candidate Christopher Wyre. 


Continue up Orleans Ave. 

Right turn onto N. Broad St.

DISBAND:  Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, 732 N. Broad St.

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