Jindal Logic

Bobby Jindal has not been relevant to the national political scene for years, but that did not stop the former Louisiana governor from launching a quixotic bid for the Republican nomination. Apparently, the politico formerly known as Candidate J finally got the memo. In a Friday (5.06) interview with CNN, he stated that he would not be attending the GOP convention in Cleveland.


“I'm not boycotting it, I'm not deliberately not going because of Donald Trump, but right now there's not a point for me to go. If there were a point, I would certainly consider going, but I'm not staying away because of a boycott or to express any discontent,” he told Alisyn Camerota on CNN's ‘New Day.’ “Right now there's simply no point for me to go.”


Jindal previously weighed in on the controversial presumptive nominee. Despite previously describing the GOP as the “party of stupid,” Bobby weighed in as an advocate fro Trump.


During the CNN interview, that sentiment was reiterated. He said Trump “was certainly not my first choice … for me as a conservative, it really is a binary choice.” A series of jabs at Hillary Clinton ensued.


However, like most supporters of the short fingered vulgarian, Jindal tempered his endorsement. “I don't think he's a Reaganesque leader. I don't think he can say or do anything between now and November that will convince me that he's the next Reaganesque leader for our party or for our country.”

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