Rain Forces Jazz fest to Call It a Day

Bad weather may be Jazz Fest tradition, but on Saturday (4.30), the rain and lightning were too much. In a late afternoon announcement, organizers cancelled the remaining acts do to the elements.


“Jazz Fest Weather Bulletin – Saturday, April 30, 2016. Due to severe weather conditions, the remaining programming for today at Jazz Fest has been cancelled,” stated the Fest. “Please follow the Festival on Facebook and Twitter for information regarding tomorrow's scheduled events.”


Stevie Wonder, Beck, and Snoop Dogg were amongst the cancelled acts. Dr. John managed to get six songs in before the rain cut his set short. Wonder was scene walking around the Acura Stage with his band, but did not get to play. Some of the tents continued their programming as soaked festers streamed out.


The entire region under a Severe Weather Advisory today, with Tornado Watches in Tangipahoa Parish and the potential for flash flooding in Orleans Parish. Sunday (5.01) also holds a high potential for heavy storms according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

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