Mud Bugs

It’s official now. After a healthy downpour on Thursday (4.28) afternoon, the Fairgrounds will be traditionally muddy for Jazz Fest. As the Fest halts for no man or mud, it’s time to embrace the mud! NoDef has some suggestions for vets and newbies alike about how best to handle the element.



You have two options here. One, you can simply wear flip-flops and plan on taking them off after arrival and going barefoot. While our staff harbors concerns about what has been left on the infield (year round), this is a popular option. Just be careful walking on the few paved areas on a hot day. And remember, if you don’t take off your sandals, the mud pits will eat them.


For those prone to advance planning, a better option might be to wear appropriate footwear. The easiest solution is a pair of Cajun Nikes. However, galoshes and rain boots of all varieties will work well. Once you’re seated and settled, you’ll probably wind up taking these off also. A beat up pair of sneakers, like the ones that you planned to retire after Mardi Gras, will also get the job done.


Whatever you do, don’t wear heels.


Bag It

Always put your phone, wallet, and valuables in a ziplock bag. If you think that the tickets are expensive, wait until you need to replace an iPhone. If you’re the giving type, bring a spare bag; you will inevitably have a friend who came unprepared.


Bring Water

As a ticket holder, it is your Quint given right to bring your own (sealed) water into the Fest. There are not too many places to wash up at the Fairgrounds. So, these bottles may be your only way to get the dirt off of your hands. Chances are you do not want to buy H20 at Jazz Fest prices only to dump it out immediately. So, bring your own.


Forget Fashion

This weather is not the day to wear your Sunday best. It’s not even the day to wear that favorite concert T that you’ve had since high school. Simply put, whatever you wear to Mud Fest will probably get ruined. If you do not consider dirt a form of accessorizing, stick with shorts and dark colors.


Don’t Be an Ass

Mud is contagious. After your initial exposure, a slow spread will ensue. You will spray mud to and fro. Whilst walking over those tarps, you will leave muddy footprints. The flow of the mud is inevitable; no one will emerge from the Fairgrounds unsullied. But there is no need to hasten the process. Show a little consideration to your fellow fest-goers and exercise some spatial awareness. 


Likewise, mud is fun to throw. If you feel so inclined to engage in a mud ball fight, just make it a point to make sure that you do not hit any civilians.


The Nuclear Option

Sometimes, you just gotta do whatcha wanna. For some, this is the time to find your inner porcine persona. If you’re “that guy/girl,” hop right in and roll around. Historically, the tracks running through the outfield behind the Acura and Gentilly Stages are prime pickings for the dark stuff. The Fais-Do-Do Stage offers mud in a more intimate atmosphere.

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