Low Brow: Davis Could Lose 23 MIl

Anthony Davis’ season came to a disappointing end on Sunday (3.20) when the Pelicans announced that the franchise’s star is done for the season due to injury. The Brow is most likely just as frustrated as Birds fans whose playoff hopes are all but destroyed at this point. After all, Davis stands to lose 23 million dollars on account of his early departure.


Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)’s “Rose Rule,” the star is eligible for a 23 million dollar bonus if he is selected to the All NBA-Team at the close of the 2016 season. Named after Bulls vet, Derrick Rose, the clause allows players still under rookie contract to make 30 percent of a team's cap figure instead of 25 if they win MVP, make at least two All-Star starts or earn at least two All-NBA nods before their new deal takes effect.


AD made the All-Star team last year, but fell short in 2016. 25 percent of the participants in this years “NBA.com GM Survey” predicted Davis would net MVP honors, but there is a reason that they play the games. Over 61 games, ‘da Brow averaged 24.3 points, 10.3 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 2.0 blocks. The stats are impressive, but unlikely to net the top player honor.


The 2014-2015 All-NBA squad included Davis, and he was clearly hoping to repeat the feat this year and qualify for the bonus. “I have said nothing but nice stuff to you-all. Last Friday, he even joked with reporters (who vote for the award) about making the cut according to NOLA.com. “Hopefully, you know, whatever you guys need,” AD said. “I just go out there and play and I'm going to let the rest take care of itself just try to do whatever I can to help the team win and hopefully that contribute to whoever votes in my favor, but if they don't, then it's nothing I can do about it. If they do, then I'll definitely send everybody thank you letters. ($122) million is still a lot of damn money.”


Good humors aside, it is unlikely that Davis will be receive the honor although DeMarcus Cousins did make the elite roster last season despite playing only 59 games.


Don’t feel too bad for the baller though. Davis is still slated to make 121 million dollars over five years even without the lagniappe. Plus, the Pelicans will find themselves with an extra five million dollars to spend next season if they are not paying out the bonus.

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