Livingston Plays Trump Card

On Monday (3.21), Donald Trump headed to Washington D.C. to meet with the G.O.P. establishment and smooth over his running feud. While the results of the short-fingered vulgarian’s address to AIPAC remains to be seen, The Donald did pick up an endorsement from Metaire Republican Bob Livingston.


Livingston, a former power player in the House turned earmark lobbyist, said he did not vote for Trump in the Louisiana primary, but still showered effusive praise on the candidate.


“Donald Trump has an unusual appeal, the likes of which we haven’t seen much since Ronald Reagan,” said the lobbyist according to The Hill.

While many polls have suggested that Trump’s xenophobic remarks alienated minority voters, Livingston disagreed. “I saw on television the other night a number of African American people supporting him, a number of Hispanic people,” Livingston countered.


The former Almost-Speaker     is also not a fan of the protest movement, labelling them as a vocal minority. “I am really really irritated by these people who think they’re smarter than the American people”


In 1998, Speaker Newt Gingrich stepped down and Livingston emerged as the heir apparent. However, new broke that Livingston had cleared on his wife in the midst of the Clinton impeachment making Livingston a liability for the moral agenda. He subsequently withdrew from the race and then resigned his House seat altogether.

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