Today begins the final parade stretch. The day kicks off at 11a.m. with the Krewe of Okeanos, followed by Mid-City, and then Thoth rolls along their signature route at noon. After the break in the parades, John C. Reilly reigns over Bacchus at 5:15p.m. 


The National Weather Service (NWS) predicts predicts temperatures in the high 50’s and low 60’s during the day. The skies will be clear and the sun will be shining all say. At night, it will get chilly with temps in the 40’s but the chance of precipitation remains at zero.


Krewe of Okeanos (Uptown-St. Charles route, 11:00 AM) 

Okeanos formed in 1949, and they originally paraded along St. Claude Avenue. What was once a group of Ninth Ward businessmen is now open to all, and they still parade the Sunday before Mardi Gras. As some lagniappe, know that Okeanos’ Queen is selected by a lottery. Okeanos is on the traditional Uptown route at 11a.m.


Krewe of Mid-City (Uptown-St. Charles route, 11:45 a.m.) 

The Krewe of Mid-City was founded in 1933, and they moved from their original route to parade Uptown in 2007. The parade has a particular emphasis on children and an Honorary King and Queen are chosen from kids at the local Ronald McDonald House each year. With artist Ricardo Pustanio at the helm of the design of the krewe's signature floats, the 85th edition of this long-running parade is sure to bring smiles to the Carinval faithful.


The krewe’s 2014 theme is “Champagne Wishes & Foil Kisses” and they follow Okeanos at 11:45a.m.

Krewe of Thoth (Uptown-St. Charles route, Noon) 

More than 1,600 riders and 50 floats are set to take to the streets for the 71th edition of a parade with as unique a mission as a route. Setting out to bring the joys of Carnival to the sick and infirm, Thoth's route was designed to pass 14 healthcare institutions, including Children’s Hospital. On Sunday at noon, they line up on Tchoup and Henry Clay, and they eventually make their way on to St. Charles, down to University Hospital, and back up Canal to Convention Center Blvd. 


Signature floats include Thoth Tomb, Egyptian Jesters, Wake up New Orleans, Here we Come, Thoth Magazine Line, and the High Priest of Thoth.

Krewe of Bacchus (Uptown-St. Charles route, 5:15 PM) 

In the late 1960s, the new dream of the superkrewe emerged, and Bacchus was at the forefront. Boasting almost 1,500 members and a celebrity King that is always a highlight of the Carnival schedule, Bacchus maintains its place to this day as one of the most anticipated marches of the schedule.


This year's theme is "In Vino Veritas!" Signature floats include King Kong, Queen Kong, Baby Kong, Bacchasaurus, Bacchagator, an Bacchawhoppa.


The route is below, and they begin at 5:15p.m. 


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