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Shakedown Street

It’s easy to associate Krewe du Vieux with their satire alone. (A parade renowned for their giant penises can have that effect). Still, KdV does a lot of good for the community. On Thursday (1.21), krewe members and an entourage of Naughty Nurses will hit up local businesses for donations to the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic (NOMC).


Now in year five, KdV’s annual Shakedown entails reps from the NOMC, KdV, and of course those Naughty Nurses visiting bars and businesses along the parade route. Roughly, the idea is that the parade will flood the local establishments with paying customers; so, in advance, the beneficiaries are asked to make a 100 percent tax deductible donation to the Musicians’ Clinic.


 “Healthcare for local performers is so important, and these donations will ensure the vital offerings remain available,” explained Trixie Minx, head Naughty Nurse. “I want the world to know that NOMC is for musicians, dancers, paraders, and all those who are part of our culture. They are the only medical clinic in this country who recognizes artists as athletes. My body is my instrument and I’m grateful to have NOMC but they need the whole community’s support!”


NOMC has been offering cost efficient healthcare to musicians and culture bearers in NOLA since 1998. The organization serves over 2,500 people currently. However, Jindal’s decision to refuse Medicaid money sparked a fiscal struggle at the clinic in recent years.


While steeped in mafia mentality, the visits are not fully spontaneous. The destinations are contacted in advance with a heads-up, and prepare for the entourage.

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