McConaughey Gushes About NOLA

Matthew McConaughey’s love for “the big beautiful mess” that we call New Orleans is well documented. The actor just added to his canon with ,ore gushing praise in a new interview with Garden & Gun.


McConaughey began by explaining that although he was raised in Texas, visits to Louisiana have been a staple in his life since childhood. His father is from Morgan City and he holds fond memories of attending the the annual blessing of the fleet at the start of shrimping season.


The True Detective star’s take on the city evolved, but his love remained static. He told the magazine, “New Orleans is sort of romantic in my mind. Being here as an adult, with my own family, and finding the Garden District, instead of just the Quarter, has been a revelation. When I’m working here, we put the kids in school, rent a house, bring the dogs, the cat, the whole deal. We love it here, man.”


It is now de rigeur to insert a pothole reference in any ode to the Crescent City (see the Payton presser). McConaughey found a silver lining, philosophizing “Part of me hopes that they don’t fix the potholes. In the South, it’s actually built in—you have to take your time. As for the roads in New Orleans, you go too fast, and you’ll burn your lap with coffee and your shocks will be gone. You know what I mean? Just take your time.”


The Texan also seems to understand some basic part of the culture: ben nice to each other and handle your alcohol like an adult. He observed, “It’s such a great town. People are engaged with one another. They’re happy to see you, and you them. And there’s no place you get over a hangover quicker. Tuesday morning, they’re like, ‘It’s almost the weekend.’”


For lagniappe, McConaughey also talks about how his father and Bear Bryant did not get along and well as grilling. It’s definitely worth reading the whole piece here.

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