Armchair Quarterback

It’s time for takeaways from today’s game between the Saints and the Tampa Bay Bucs. Advance press for the matchup elicited classic “Toilet Bowl” jokes. With little on the line for either team, the post-game talking points provide some measure of relevance to the glorified scrimmage.


  • We own the Bucs (recently). The Saints have taken eight of the last nine from Tampa Bay. Mind you, they are not the most challenging opponent, but a win over any NFC South is always a plus.
  • Marques Colston can still catch a ball. Brees hit the 2009 hero for two touchdown passes today. A key catch on the third-and-long in the final quarter also thrilled the WhoDat nation. Colton is probably not a solution to the Saints’ problems moving forward, but amidst an otherwise depressing season, a little nostalgia from the championship year is nice.
  • Rob Ryan is in a bar laughing at us. Dismissing the controversial defensive coordinator has not resulted in much improvement. Although, the defense only surrendered 17 points today, the core issues remained. Four Bucs' first downs came off of Saints penalties. Tampa Bay also averaged over five yards per carry.
  • Willie Snead may not lose his job. A huge 40 yard gain on a third-and-long provided some evidence that the under-performer still has some skills.
  • Bressus. Number 9 is not done setting records. Today, he tied Dan Marino at fourth on the all-time touchdown pass list.
  • Damian Swann can’t catch a break. Swann returned to action after missing seven of the last eight games due to a pair of concussions. Unfortunately, he left the game with a third injury today. The play that knocked him out was a big stop of Charles Sims.
  • Tim Hightower is a natural. Although, Hightower sat out the last four seasons, he did not miss a beat filling in for the injured Mark Ingram today. He racked up 85 yards. Inexplicably, Payton handed him the ball 28 times. The coaching staff has not given Ingram (who is a physical back benefitting off of snaps) the ball that many times in at least a year.

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