Faux Sure!

Faux/Real fest's marathon of arts events is set to kick off on Wednesday (11.04). The fest's Opening Night Gala at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art will get the party rolling, but the meat lies in the week's ahead.

Also showing Wednesday and through the weekend is The NOLA Project's "Clown Bar", a hilarious show about ex-clown detective, Happy Mahoney, who finds himself unwillingly pulled back by the murder of his brother Timmy, a tragically unfunny clown. This immersive show is held at the 2nd floor of the Little Gem Saloon, and audiences are encouraged to dress in clown costumes. 
Thursday (11.05) is your only chance to check out "Sparklehorse", an Asian-fusion pop-up grill at Kajun's Pub. The project is spearheaded by Chef Marcus Jacobs and Caitlin Carney boasting a "travelling unicorn wok party."
Also on Thursday at Cafe Faux/Real is the Faux/Real literary event "My Cuba", where Christopher Louis Romaguera reads pieces of his own works about Cuba and his Cuban heritage. This event is free with a Faux/Real button! Romaguera is the American son of two Cubans; his works tackle that heritage.
This Saturday is the one-time only showing of goth burlesque "Cabaret de L'Enfer" featuring DJ Mange and "Little Miss Sunshine of the Bywater" with host Lana O'Day, both at Bar Redux.
On Sunday you won't want to miss the "Historical Brewery Walking Tour" with Argyle Wolf-Knapp of Commander's Palace. Cure's Braden Lagrone wil be hosting a mezcal event, "Diamante X," at Sidney's Saloon. Later Sunday night is "Crescent City Character Crawl with Scott Wood" starting at Molly's at the Market. The stroll through downtown wil feature the city's top frozen drinks and jukeboxes.
After-parties are free, and this weekend Faux/Real has "Mimi's In the Marigny After Party""Mag's Opening Party", and "Kajun's After Party"
Check out the rest of this week's Faux/Real Fest events on our calendar here

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