Grasping At Straw Polls

To most political pundits, Bobby Jindal’s campaign for the presidency is looking increasingly quixotic. However, Candidate J retorts that he is tilting at Iowa, not windmills. The GOP contenders descended on the Hawkeye state for the annual Growth and Opportunity Party today and Bobby J was in rare form.


Yes, Jindal threw out many of his normal Cassandra-esque cautions about the United States turning into a European, socialist nation. However, in his Saturday (10.31) speech, Jindal also attempted to harness the outside sentiment propelling many of his compatriots beyond his one percent polling.


At, the Iowa cattle call, da Gov’ attacked his own party and their “surrender caucus” for failing to enact a sufficiently conservative agenda. The Iran deal and continued funding of Planned Parenthood topped the list of grievances.


 “I’m angrier at Republicans in D.C. than I am in the Democrats in D.C.” the candidate loudly exclaimed to loud cheers from the right wing crowd. “Shame on those fools in D.C. if they give away the idea of America and shame on us if we let them.”


yet, the cheers were not quite what Bobby hoped for. The Des Moines Register reported, “Jindal spoke to a smaller crowd than previous speakers, and received quieter reactions at his applause lines.”


The Register also added that Bobby J did not represent with the swag. Rather, his booth was “spartan.” According to the paper his giveaways included only a “couple of bins of candy, a few bags of Funyuns and Fritos and modest stacks of campaign literature, bumper stickers and campaign signup sheets.”

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