Friends & Neighbors: Brees & Cooper (Video)

On the first Sunday of the NFL’s 2015 season, Eli lost and Peyton won. A third Manning (who was not Archie) also made an appearance. The Fox network gave Cooper Manning his own show. Drew Brees was the first guest on the weekend debut of “The Cooper Manning Hour.”


“The Manning Hour” is actually only two minutes long. Fox explains that the segment is an opportunity for Cooper “to meet interesting people and make them feel really uncomfortable.”


The episode begins with several jokes at Cooper’s expense, but then Brees becomes the punchline. Apparently, Cooper and Drew are next-door neighbors and the state of Breesus’ lawn is a hot topic during the interview. Bree also plays the Australian digeridoo and performs MJ’s “Beat It” a capello.


Watch it all below.

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