K10: Gracias Latinos

By Christopher Louis Romaguera

Casa Borrega (1719 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard) will be hosting a street party called “Gracias Latinos” this Saturday, August 29th, on the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall. The event is intended to honor the estimated 10 to 14 thousand undocumented workers who arrived in New Orleans during the first year after the levees were breached. 


Casa Borrega aims to celebrate these workers who “Cleaned our city and rebuilt our streets, homes and businesses. Many were cheated out of their pay, harassed by police and residents, and in general treated as interlopers” by having a day of music, food, dancing, and drinks. The party is scheduled to run from 3p.m. until 11 p.m.


From the start to 7p.m.,  the Alexis “Papo” Guevara’s Afro-Cuban Trio will perform, and from 7:30p.m. until 11p.m., Javier Gutiérrez and VIVAZ! will be providing the music. The bands will play “electric performances fusing the Latin American songbook with different genres ranging from Rumba Flamenco to Cuban Son to salsa and merengue to traditional folk music” according to promotional materials.


The event will also feature prominent members of the community speaking on Latino/a issues in New Orleans. Councilwoman Stacy Head to Luis Fernando Reyes (Delgado Community College), to Sarah Fouts (Tulane Center of Latin American Studies) and Carolina Hernandez of Puentes LatiNola, will all take the podium during the evening.


For food, Casa Borrega will be serving carnitas (pork) and vegetable tacos. Mexican cocktails, beer, and refrescos will be made available as well. There will also be a Donald Trump piñata. 


More information on "Gracias Latinos" can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1460780010904766/

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