Inside the Orpheum

Photos by Jamey Shaw

New Orleans’ theatre district continues to grow. The Orpheum Theater is finally ready to reopen following a decade long hiatus. Today, the Theater opened their doors to the media to provide a sneak-peak of the completely restored Beaux Arts gem.


The theater was built in 1918 and much of the remodeling serves as a time-capsule. The terra cotta in the lobby and the vintage plasterwork have been completely restored by hand. Likewise, the interior color scheme is a perfect match to the 1921 motif.


However, the building is not entirely retro. The audio and lighting systems are cutting edge and the orchestra floor is now adjustable to provide for multiple layouts. Plus, a new kitchen has been added for performer catering.


In the fall, the Louisiana Philharmonic will return to the venue. They staged Verdi’s “Requiem" for closing night of the their 2005 season at the Orpheum Theater. Months later, the Federal Flood ravaged the venue and the LPO entered into a decade long diaspora in Armstrong Park. In May, the orchestra played “Requiem” again at the Mahalia Jackson. The 2015-2016 season will open with a performance of Mahler’s “Resurrection” in a “very deliberate” decision to welcome their return home.


The fall season will also include shows by Wilco, Dwight Yokoam, and Chick Corea & Béla Fleck. (Tickets are available here.)


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