Guillory Rants About N-Word (Video)

State Senator Elbert is a Democrat turned Republican running for Lieutenant Governor. He explained his 2013 party switch by comparing the Democratic Party to slavery and a plantation. If that was not enough controversy, a few weeks ago Guillory ran a campaign quote that included a LBJ with the N-word. Responding to criticism of that commercial, Guillory doubled down and released a new ad in which he drops the N-bomb seven times.


In the spot Guilllory says that the term has several different meanings including, “man,” “affection,” “derision’” and “tradition.” To illustrate each of these interpretations, Guillory stages sketches, even donning a wig for the camera at one point.


The candidate concludes by calling for a dialogue and then proceeds to rattle off a list of racial and ethnic slurs, “WOP, kike, spic, raghead, slant, gook.” Oddly, he concludes the roster with the phrase “redskin” and then provides emphasis to that term alone, stressing, “yes, redskin.”


However, the advertisement is better understood simply by watching Check it out below.


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