Cup Floweth Over

When I first heard of this project, I wondered if it would ever happen! Getting some of the best songwriters and musicians in New Orleans to record an album together, putting their talents on tracks and their egos on the side, would be no easy feat. But Spencer Bohren, Jim McCormick, Alex McMurray and Paul Sanchez a.k.a. the Write Brothers managed to put together "First Flight" this winter. I've listened to every track, note and word and offer this as my humble opinion.

The album begins with "Cup Full of Soul." This is quirky telling stories about  Smoke House Turnip and Pete Fountain enjoying the Spirits of New Orleans.  For the cost of a couple dollars, a savory lady gave them a first taste of a 'cup full of soul'.  I believe this to be the best song on the record and reflective of their style.
Another winner is track 5, "New Orleans." This is a song about being home, missing home, and ultimately making a home by finding a place where you belong.  This song could be about anyone's home but as these artists are from the Crescent CIty and their love for New Orleans comes out in the lyrics and the emotional tone in which it is performed. For obviosu sreasons, this tune is sure to be a local favorite!
Track 8, "Losing You" is the closest thing to a cute catchy love song on the album.  You will catch on quick to the lyrics and find yourself singing along!  Ultimately, the song is about a guy suffering from a stream of bad luck but of all the bad, the one thing that he can't get over is losing his lady.
"Wedding Day" is the deepest song on the album and the most touching.  It's about a man dealing with the loss of his wife. He repeats his best day of his life over and over to pretend the worst day never happened. This is song that takes guts to record but I find it to be something special.
Musicians are notorious for letting egos get in the way of great music.  Surprisingly, this eclectic group of New Orleans' music royalty put egos aside and their talent in the forefront, making this album something special.  The songs are songs that you can tell they picked for themselves and it shows in the recording.  This might be the Write Bros first flight, but I'm looking forward to the return trip!  This is New Orleans music that we crave and let's hope the second flight gets off the ground.
The Write Brothers will be playing at the Ogden After hours Thursday August 27 at Ogden Museum of Southern Art 925 Camp Steet.
Brad Bohannan is a New Orleans entrepreneur.  He owns a music publishing company, co-host a songwriting show, and hosts several music events a year. He also owns Spirits On Bourbon and Turtle Bay on Decatur. Brad can be reached at

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