Jindal Jabbers About Paul, Prez (Video)

Bobby J took the national airwaves this morning to push his potential campaign for the Republican nomination. Given his lack of support, Jindal was only allocated a few minutes on ABC’s This Week. He used his time with host George Stephanopoulos to attack Senator Rand Paul as well as to push some now rote lines.


Jindal has been a vocal critic of Senator Paul. Stephanopoulos asked Bobby J if he would support Paul as the Republican nominee, but da Gov’ wasn’t having any of that scenario.


He retorted, “I don't think it's going to come to that, I don't think he'll be our party's nominee. I was surprised that it was a Republican — listen to what he said, he said, ‘ISIS exists because of foreign policy hawks in the Republican party.’ George, that is nonsense. ISIS is evil. Isis exists because of radical Islam — it's radical Islam terrorism. No one is to blame for the existence of ISIS, that is reckless, that is almost bizarre rhetoric coming from somebody auditioning to president.”


Jindal wasn’t done with Paul thought. Later in the segment, Bobby J employed the greatest insult that he knows: he compared the senator from Kentucky to President Obama. “I think the Senator a little sensitive. The reality is, we have had a one-term senator from the Democratic party who wanted to retreat from the war, project America weakness. We don't need to replace him with a one-term Republican senator who also wants to project that weakness.”


In case national viewers were not familiar with Jindal’s take on the POTUS, he reverted to his catchphrases to remind them of his disdain for the current tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “President Obama is drowning us in debt, more government dependence, more regulations and more taxes. That's not the American dream.”


Jindal also hailed his terms in Louisiana as a great success. “Look, we have cut our budget, we measure our success by the success of our people not the success of government. Our economy has grown twice as fast as the national economy. Three times as fast job creation.”


Stephanopoulos also pointed out that Jindal is polling 14th in G.O.P. primary and asked if it is too late for campaign bid. True to form, the Governor was not dissuaded by pesky numbers. “No, George, a couple of things, on the Republican side, this will be an earned nomination. Unlike the Democratic side, this is not a coronation. I think voters want a big change. They want a president — not only a Republican president, someone who's going to rescue the American dream from becoming the European nightmare.”


Watch it all below.

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