Total Recall: Jindal Edition?

Louisianans have been pushed past a critical threshold and the Recall Jindal movement is on in full force. Sort of. A petition for the Governor’s removal circulating online has garnered thousands of signatures, but the effort is not quite compliant with the actual laws about booting an elected official in the Boot.


A petition on left leaning PAC,’s website cites Jindal’s recent executive order on “religious freedom” as well as da Gov’s treatment of oil and gas giants as evidence that Jindal “sold out his own state for personal interests.” 


Nearly 10,000 people have signed the petition which organizers state is intended to send a message. The page reads, “While this petition is mostly symbolic, please sign in order to send a clear message to Governor Jindal that this state will not be held hostage for his political grandstanding and personal ambitions.”


However, state law makes clear that the petition is not mostly symbolic. Rather, it is entirely symbolic. For starters, Louisiana law R.S. 18:1300, dictates that petitions must be filed six months before the next scheduled election. With the gubernatorial vote set for October 24, that deadline has already passed. And, then there is R.S. 18:1300.5 whihc states that a recall form must first be filed with the Secretary of State. Louisiana Secretary of State Press Secretary, Meg Casper told NoDef that as of Friday (5.23) no such form had been filed.


Further, while the MoveOn text sets a goal of a 100,000 signatures,  R.S. 18 states the actual number is “33 and 1/3 of the qualified electors of the voting area wherein a recall election is petitioned.” Casper says that the number is based on the day that the recall is filed, but Louisiana is currently hovering around 2.9 million qualified electors. So, a little less than a million names would be needed.


There is also the issue of the names colected digitally. The rules state, “All signatures on recall petitions must be handwritten.”


So, it looks like Bobby J and Louisiana will not be able to "consider this a divorce" any time soon.

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