Glitched Mob: Quintron and Miss Pussycat Release New Video

Is that blacklight just too uptight for you? Fear not, a heavy dose of psychedelia is on the way. Quintron and Miss Pussycat have a new video out. “I Hear Voices” is their latest release and it features all the sounds and visual quirks that locals have come to expect from the Bywater icons.


The music is an unreleased track. The duo say that it is “essentially the same as the track "Death In Space" from the 2014 album SPELLCASTER II, ‘Death In Space’ on Pizza Burglar / Rhinestone but the song was reworked with vocals at the Spellcaster Lodge recording studio and features Aaron Hill (Eyehategod) on guitar.”


In keeping with the pair’s retro-tech stylings, the video is made with VHS glitch technology by Logan Owlbeemoth.

Spellcaster II: Death In Space features the pair's unique, droning “swamp tech” sound this time with lap steel guitar to add to the far out vibe. The title is a nod to the duo’s downtown HQ.


Quintron and Miss Pussycat are creative fixtures of the New Orleans art, music, and puppetry scenes. Between the two of them they have pioneered of the genre “swamp-tech,” created full-length animated films like The Mystery of Old Bathtub, and worn some mind-blowingly weird outfits.


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