Lasting Legacy: Another Restaurant Comes to Warehouse District

The Warehouse District is continuing to blow up with new apartments and businesses opening at a breakneck speed. On Wednesday (4.08), Legacy Kitchen branched out from Metaire opening a second location in the hip hood at the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Girod Streets.


Legacy Kitchen serves up some patriotic plates. Paul McGoey, CEO and Managing Partner of the parent company, NOHCS Restaurant Group explained the idea to NoDef, “Upscale casual. I’ve gone to each region of America and looked for the indigenous food of that area. It’s not trying to be a New Orleans or Creole restaurant. We do have catfish and beignets and such, but we are trying to be a refined American restaurant.”


The menu pushes the cause with dishes like South Georgia Chicken and the East Hampton Lobster Roll. California is also represented with a dish that includes avocado, lettuce, tomato, pepperjelly-mayo, multi-grain, and kale slaw.


However, McGoey notes that the new location does represent not only NOLA (their take on a NYC reuben sandwich includes remoulade,) but the vicinity as well. “It’s style. it’s approach, it’s look, it’s feel is very different feel [than the original Metaire eatery]. We try to embrace each neighborhood. So, in the Warehouse District we have that feel, lots of exposed brick, exposed wood, lots of metal.”


Then there is the music. The soundtrack is consistent with the vibe. “In a restaurant, you have food and drink. So, we serve American food and have American beers on tap. Then we have music, ours is a little bit louder and only American artists who have left a legacy. It’s fun. I want people to tap their fork and tap their feet at the same time.”


The restaurant is also working to raise some money for Better Than Ezra Foundationand their afterschool music program at Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School. Patrons have the option of adding a donation, like a tip on their check.


“We are very excited about this partnership with Legacy Kitchen. It makes perfect sense,” said Tom Drummond, bassist for Better Than Ezra and BTE Foundation President. “Legacy Kitchen’s support will enable the foundation to continue and expand its work providing music and arts afterschool programs at Bethune Elementary.”

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