Sexual Evolution

New Orleans unapologetic celebration of sex is shocking to many outsiders and recent trasplants, and appealing to many more. The appeal of the surprise journey of sexual self-discovery that follows parade season, sweaty tropical heat, and a friend group made entirely of people who couldn’t care less how depraved your sexual tastes are is immeasurable. One local band is trying to capture that libertine culture.


New Orleans hip-hop outfit Sexparty first made a name for themselves producing female rapper, Boyfriend’s latest album. Now, they aim to give voice to the delights of our collective liberation. Fronted by rapper #FFFFFF (“pronounced ‘Superwhite'”), Sexparty represents the gleeful unshackling of good old-fashioned erotic impulse.


“From the depths of my heart, this makes me happy,” says #FFFFFF. “I started Sexparty as a release from being a bullshit Boston rapper. The Boston kids don’t have fun. It’s political, serious. You get on this, “Let me tell you how the government works in the form of rap.” I always liked to poke more fun with shit.”


#FFFFFF’s start as Sexparty began with poking fun at soccer mom hysteria. He began toying with a sample from Oprah, in which a concerned citizen alerted the housewives of America to the dangerous new phenomenon of pharm parties. Kids were allegedly throwing their parents’ medications into a bowl, popping them and then having sex in large numbers. According to the television show, at least.


“The tag you hear on most of our songs is from Oprah. I had this sex party thing, this piece of audio I loved,” #FFFFFF says. And when he moved to New Orleans his sample, and its corresponding worldview, found a fertile breeding ground.


“I come down here–rappers are talking about fucking all the time. So I carved out a space here and I thought, ‘Let me see what I can do with this.’”


From there, #FFFFFF began rapping raunchy, X-rated lyrics over his own self-described “chintzy” beats, tagged liberally with his favorite Oprah quip. His music, like bounce, is a high-energy celebration of id that sounds like it could only be made in New Orleans.


As may come as no surprise, #FFFFFF grew up in a milieu more Puritanical than the environment that he now enjoys. 


“I was the only child of my family that didn’t get physically struck after their first kiss,” he says. The frontman adds that he held off on the infamous sin of lip contact until he was old enough to hit back. 


It may have been this repressive environment that encouraged #FFFFFF to explore his boundary-pushing music, delivering lines like “She can’t get any wetter/ I just met her/ Yeah, I’m better,” from the song “Eddie Vedder.”


Nowadays, #FFFFFF reports that his frustration has waxed, due in large part to the existence of his girlfriend, who he describes as “wonderful.” Shortly after dating in earnest, #FFFFFF let her know he was bisexual. They worked out a Grindr-friendly agreement.


“The only way we’ll get our needs met is if we are honest about them with one another,” he says. “Also, lots of fucking.”


The presence of bisexuality in Sexparty is only casually hidden. One finds it if they are looking, but without searching the theme is not readily apparent. #FFFFFF considers this an accurate reflection of how ‘out’ he really is. “This is a place where the behavior leads the music,” he says. It is no surprise, then, on the eve of a show with Katey Red, #FFFFFF can find no better place than New Orleans to work on this aspect of himself.


Creating a musical space in which artist and audience alike can let it all hang out is a crucial part of #FFFFFF’s musical atmosphere. The founding point of view of Sexparty is Point 17 of the Unibomber Manifesto. Quoted in full:  


“17. Art forms that appeal to modern leftist intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control as if there were no hope of accomplishing anything through rational calculation and all that was left was to immerse oneself in the sensations of the moment.”


“Throwing off all rational calculation” leads to the playful, absurdist erotica that runs through Sexparty’s work. And it was that same spirit that led to our discussion of #FFFFFF’s sexual preferences.

Adult diaper fetish? Definitely not. “Parliament Funkadelic did it best,” he says, and there’s no need to keep the thing going. 


Feet are actually a big deal to him. But ‘titty biting’ means nothing. “I get annoyed when people pinch my nipples. Like, what are you doing? I’m like, autistic in the nipples.”


Sexparty prefers the intersection of the philosophy and erotica. So, BDSM is a definite yes; #FFFFFF enjoys power imbalances. Which does he prefer, sadism or masochism? “That’s like asking, what do you prefer more—yin or yang? Anyone that wants one thing also wants its inversion. Every world leader wants to be shat on; everyone that gets shat on wants to be a world leader.”


If Sexparty had to be compared to a single living porn star, he says that it would be Montana, Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter.


“She went straight into the dirt. Which tells me he must be a really bad dude. Deeply bad. Shame on me if he’s not, but odds are he’s a shithead.”


Sexparty is playing with Katey Red and many other bounce artists at Siberia, March 14. Doors at 9, $8 cover.

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