LASEN Lagniappe

Temperatures are dropping, but the Louisiana Senate Race is continuing to heat up as Election Day draws near. Colonel Rob Maness (ret.) is picking up some national names. Senator Mary Landrieu is acting Senatorial. Congressmen Cassidy is fighting flack for an attack ad. National groups are gearing up for the runoff, and even the silent senator from Metrie is getting involved.


Palin Time

Maness already has an endorsement from Sarah Palin. Now, the Tea Party darling is ditching Alaska for warmer environs. Palin joined Maness at one of his #OneOfUs campaign rallies today. Palin was warmly welcomed by sizable crowd at Restaurant des Familles in Crown Point.


RedState Gets Involved with a Purple State

Popular conservative blogger, Erick Erickson of endorsed the Colonel as well. In an editorial, he wrote, “Both Cassidy and Landrieu are creatures of Washington, D.C. Hell, Landrieu is routinely cited as a Washington, D.C. resident. Cassidy too is a creature of Washington.” The right wing firebrand continued, “This is going to be a tough fight, but Rob continues to show improvement in the polls and Cassidy continues to decline. Cassidy is a poor candidate and, given the NRSC's track record, likely to lose to Landrieu.”


Vitter's Voice

The junior senator from Louisiana has stayed out of the race for the most part. However, this weekend, Senator David Vitter put a toe into the water. National anti-abortion advocacy group, the Susan B. Anthony List announced that Vitter will be joining their effort to campaign against Landrieu based on her pro-choice record.


“We’ve been making huge strides towards changing hearts and minds in the U.S. Senate about the importance of protecting the unborn, but my colleague Mary Landrieu has voted for taxpayer funding of abortion, against conscience rights, and won’t support a common-sense limit on abortion after 5 months – when the child can feel intense pain,” said Vitter.


Going Green

Landrieu will be in New Orleans on Monday to open a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling plant owned by the Metro Services Group. She will be joined at the ribbon cutting by Councilmember James Gray and Representative Cedric Richmond. A statement from Metro Services touts the new facility as green, highlighting reduced noise and emissions as well as increased cleanliness.


Fact Check Hat Trick

Cassidy’s most recent attack had continues to draw fire for falsehoods. The television spot accuses Landrieu of voting to fund benefits for illegal immigrants at the cost of cuts to veterans benefits. In fact, it appears that the choice was not binary, and Cassidy actually voted the same as Landrieu on the policies in question. 

The advertisement earned a rare trifecta of negatives from the nation’s top three fact checking authorities. Politifact gives the piece a rare “Pants on Fire Rating.” rates the ad “false.” The Washington Post assigned it a superlative “Four Pinocchios.”


GOP Groups Prepping for Runoff.

In an excellent piece, Anna Palmer and Manu Raju at Politico report that national Republican PACS are buying up air time after Election Day in an anticipation of a second vote. They write:

Republicans have made concrete plans with the National Republican Senatorial Committee already reserving $3.4 million in TV time for the Louisiana runoff, while the conservative outside group Freedom Partners has booked an additional $1.5 million for a potential post-Election Day affair, according to sources familiar with the matter. Karl Rove-backed Crossroads GPS has $2.1 million reserved in the state starting Oct. 7.

“Whether the outcome is decided in November or December, we are committed to defeating Mary Landrieu,” said Crossroads spokesman Paul Lindsay.


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