Pols Remember Katrina

Louisiana's leaders have been busy speaking at memorials and commemorations today. Nine years after Katrina, New Orleanians are all rembering the Storm in their own way. Governor Jindal, Senator Landrieu, and Represenative Cassidy all put out formal statements as well. Full text follows.


Governor Bobby Jindal

"Hurricane Katrina brought heartache to our people and devastation to the greater New Orleans area, one of America’s greatest and most historic cities. Across our nation and the world, people watched what looked like a city in ruin and wondered if we would be able to recover. But nine years later, we can proudly say we are recovering, and today we reflect on how far we’ve come. We showed the world what can happen when a people come together in the face of tragedy. Indeed, New Orleans and Louisiana are coming back better than ever — stronger than we could have imagined."
"Today we remember those who lost their lives, and our hearts and prayers go out to the families that continue to morn the loss of family and friends. But our people can take comfort in knowing that Louisianians are resilient and that New Orleans is continuing to grow and prosper. More and more businesses are expanding in the area, and more people are moving to New Orleans to pursue their careers and raise their families here in our state. Indeed, the recovery we’ve seen in the area continues to move our state forward and help keep our economy on the rise. We are proud of the resilience of our people after this devastating storm and we will never stop fighting to make sure New Orleans remains one of the greatest cities in the world."

Senator Mary Landrieu

“Nine years ago, Hurricane Katrina crashed our shores and left in its wake devastation and destruction all along the Gulf Coast.  In the weeks and months that followed, the story of Hurricane Katrina was about the failure of our levees to hold and our government to quickly and adequately respond to the havoc wreaked by the storm and the collapse of the federal level system.  It was about the lives lost and the long road to recovery and rebuilding that lay ahead.  But that was only the beginning of the story,”


“We have not forgotten the loved ones we lost and the homes and businesses demolished nine years ago, but the story of Hurricane Katrina is now about the resilience of America’s working coast.  Nearly a decade later, most of our homes and businesses are rebuilt, job creation continues to soar, our schools are newer and better and our levees are stronger.  Out of the tragedy of Katrina came a resolve to not just rebuild the same Gulf Coast that stood before the storm, but to build a better, stronger and more resilient coast.


“There is still more work to be done, and not every community has seen the recovery and rebuilding happen fast enough, but we will continue to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to ensure that we keep making progress.  For centuries, the Gulf Coast has survived war, disease, storms and disasters, and after each disaster, it rises up and grows stronger.   We produce the energy that keeps the lights on and fuels our cars; we harvest one-third of the domestic seafood for the entire country; and we stand as the nation’s recreation capital for sportsman, tourists and adventure seekers.  With the strong resolve and endless determination of our people, I have no doubt that no matter what obstacles we face we will continue to flourish for many centuries to come, and that America's Resilient Coast is here to stay.”


Rep. Bill Cassidy

“Today we remember when Hurricane Katrina struck our coasts and forever changed the lives of countless Louisiana families. Our hearts and prayers will always be with those who lost loved ones because of the storm. Our gratitude continues to extend to the men and women across the country who helped rebuild our communities. I remember thankfully those I worked with to turn an abandoned K-Mart into a temporary hospital so we could treat storm victims. It was neighbors helping neighbors.

“Nine years later Louisiana is stronger than ever. We are moving forward on coastal restoration and infrastructure projects to protect Louisiana families from future storm surge. I am hopeful that Morganza-to-the-Gulf will now move forward and funding from the RESTORE Act will be put towards protecting our coastlines. Families can have affordable flood insurance to protect their homes, thanks to the passage of the Grimm-Cassidy Amendment to the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.

“There’s still more work to be done. Today is a reminder of that. Doing everything to protect Louisiana families has and will continue to be my number one priority.”

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