Lenar Whitney Goes Global

Congressman Steve Scalise has been handed the House Majority Whip and Edwin Edwards is featured in New York magazine. But at least for a moment this week, Lenar Whitney is the Louisiana pol drawing the most national attention. The conservative state Rep. from Terrebonne Parish hasn't won a national seat yet, but she already has the Beltway buzzing after bolting from an interview with one of D.C.'s most respected rags.


Whitney is a candidate in Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, which runs from Baton Rouge to Houma. Bill Cassidy currently represents the area, but has said he will not run for the seat in order to focus on his bid to unseat U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. The race also includes Edwin Edwards, former state coastal czar Garrett Graves and state Sen. Dan Claitor.


In a piece published Wednesday in the Washington Post, Cook Political Report's David Wasserman said he never met a candidate quite as "frightening or fact-averse" as Whitney.


A one-time dance studio owner in Houma, Whitney has gained traction in GOP circles with a video titled, Global Warming is a Hoax.




When she sat down for a recent interview with Wasserman, the reporter writes that he pressed Whitney on sources for her claim, she "froze." When the next question came, she had no trouble moving.


To change the subject, I asked whether she believed Obama was born in the United States. When she replied that it was a matter of some controversy, her two campaign consultants quickly whisked her out of the room, accusing me of conducting a “Palin-style interview.”

Addressing the interview on Facebook, Whitney called Wasserman's account "an outright lie."



I left the interview with Dave Wasserman, several questions later, after he asked me if I was a "birther". 

It was obvious, from the onset of the interview, that Wasserman had planned to jump me simply because I am a Conservative Woman and liberal shills like Dave Wasserman want to destroy us. 

That's the real #WarOnWomen



As the WaPo story began to make the rounds on Wednesday, Whitney posted three items on Facebook with the header, "Global Warming is a Hoax."

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