JazzFest Teaser: Luke Winslow King

by Christopher Louis Romaguera 

Luke Winslow King has a magical New Orleans musician story. Traveling down to New Orleans in 2001, his car, which contained all his musical instruments, was stolen. King stuck around New Orleans for a couple of weeks, trying to recover his car and instruments. In the time he was here, he fell in love with the city and later enrolled in the Music Theory program at UNO. New Orleans is now his permanent home, and his musical career has continued to grow. 


He has gone from the long days of busking on Royal Street during the day and playing gigs at music clubs on Frenchmen Street at night to touring the nation and playing Jazz Fest.  His album, “The Coming Tide”, features Esther Rose on washboard and vocals, and has been heralded by local and national syndicates alike. Luke Winslow King will be playing at the Lagniappe Stage from 3:45-4:50 p.m..


CR: How excited are you to play Jazz Fest this year?


LWK: I'm excited but relaxed.  Last year we were rookies, so it feels good going into it knowing what to expect. Also, I took last weekend off to go trout fishing in Michigan, so I'm feeling refreshed and ready to go.

CR: How does your Jazz Fest set differ from your regular gigs?


LWK: It's not that different.  Whether it's 50 or 5,000 people in the audience, we always give them our best.


CR: What do you want people walking away from your show feeling? 


LWK: Like I was singing just for them only.

CR: For people who have never seen your show before, what should they know going in?


LWK: They can hear original songwriting and dance music all in one set. We play blend of Delta blues and traditional New Orleans Jazz. We have some of the best young sidemen New Orleans has to offer.

CR: How do you feel about playing the Lagniappe Stage?


LWK: We love the shade and intimacy of the Lagniappe Stage.  It's great place to restore your energy in the mid-afternoon.

CR: Who will your band consist of?


LWK: Esther King on vocals/percussion, Ben Polcer on trumpet/piano, Cassidy Holden on bass, and Benji Bohannon on drums.


CR: What is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest?


LWK: People come from all around the world.  When we travel, there is usually someone in the audience who has seen us at Jazz Fest. We can play for best national, international, and local fans all on one stage.


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