Offshore Update: New Liftboat, BP Starts Upstream Project

In today's offshore update, BP began a new "upstream project" off the coast of New Orleans, and a new lift boat is set to pop up in the Gulf of Mexico by the spring of 2015. BP is starting the first of three phases in a new drilling project, located about 140 miles southeast of New Orleans in over 6,000 feet of water. 


"The Na Kika Phase 3 project demonstrates BP’s ongoing commitment to the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and highlights our portfolio's ability to unlock value for investors while also delivering vital energy resources to the United States,” said Richard Morrison, Regional President of BP’s Gulf of Mexico business.


With new drilling comes new equipment. The 250 ft. leg liftboat from All Coast, LLC, a Lafayette-based company, will come with 175 ton leg cranes, which will secure it in the seafloor before propelling it out of the water. The new liftboat is called the “Great White.” Whitney Bank financed the project. 


All Coast announced the new addition today, which puts their total at 31 in the fleet. Liftboats are used for maintenance for oil rigs. The devices are secured into the muddy seafloor by heavy “legs,” then pushed upward to serve as surfaces for workers. The Great White will hold up to 50 people at once, and is expected to be ready in 15 months.    

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