NOPD Officer Suspended Over Harassment in St. Bernard

The Orleans District attorney charged a New Orleans police officer with Malfeasance in Office on Friday, according to police. Carolyn Dalton, who had been assigned to desk duty since Jan., 2013, is accused of using her police car's computer to look up information about a woman that was also seeing the man she was dating.


The Third District officer was placed on emergency suspension without pay after the charges were handed down in a bill of information.


On Jan. 8, 2013, a woman in St. Bernard Parish filed a harassment complaint against Dalton. The complaint charged that Dalton went to the woman's home Chalmette home, and followed her in her car. According to the complaint, Dalton repeatedly demanded that the woman stop seeing the man she was dating.


Dalton allegedly told the woman that if she didn't stop seeing the man, she was "going to get her." Eventually, the woman got a restraining order on Dalton.


After she was placed on desk duty, the NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau later found that Dalton used the computer in her police car to look up information about the woman's home and business address. In April, Dalton refused to provide a statement to detectives, and the case was forwarded to the DA's office.


The DA determined there was a violation on Jan. 6, and the case was assigned to Criminal District Court Judge Benedict Willard.


Dalton will remain suspended pending the outcome of the case.


According to the LensDalton was previously suspended for five days in 2011 for shouting obscenities at a gas station employee while on duty.


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