Drew Brees Reps Who Dat Nation on Colbert Report (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert was graced by Breesus on yesterday's episode of The Colbert Report, and the Saints' humble quarterback had some Super Bowl advice for his peers Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson. Before shouting out to the Who Dat Nation, Brees praised both the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos and wished them well in Sunday's Bowl game.  


Colbert asked Brees how he felt in 2010, in the days and hours leading up to what became the Saints' first Bowl win. “It can’t get here fast enough at this point. There’s so much chatter around you…you’re finally going through the game plan over and over again…” said Brees. 


The gracious NFL player told Colbert that he could not pick a winner at this point, but that both quarterbacks are strong contenders. 


“Peyton Manning’s career…what he’s accomplished over this year, unprecedented. What he’s overcome over the past few years with his neck injury. And kind of his, really starting fresh in Denver is something you really got to tip your hat to.”


Of course, Breesus remained diplomatic. “Russell Wilson..he’s mature beyond his years, he’s a true pro, and the more success that comes his way, the more humble he becomes. I really appreciate that approach and I think the both of them are certainly ready for this moment.” 


Watch the full clip below:


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