Christmas' constellation of quaffables is crowded with the likes of mulled wines, hot brandies, and traditional scotches, but eggnog is the undisputed king. Yet, even the bottled bliss from Brown's wears old after a few weeks. So, NoDef learned how to make 'nog from scratch from Cane & Table's prodigal publican Nick Detrich.


Detrich selected a Virginia Eggnog for his demonstration. He explained the distinction, “Virginia eggnog is just a style that was very popular in the colonies. It’s different in just that it blends in rum as well as cognac.”


The recipe is relatively simple and requires no exotic ingredients. Detrich noted that the steps are straightforward, but some elbow grease is necessary for truly excellent eggnog. “Really the crucial thing is to beat the egg whites until they’re stiff. That’s what gives them their really thick silky texture almost like meringue.”


Detrich also delighted in the science behind the process. The expert stressed that the eggs are not raw, just cooked by alohol not fire. "Cooking with fire is for cavemen, barbarians, and ogres!"

Recipe and video follow…

Virginia Eggnog Recipe

– Dozen eggs

– Pint of whole milk

– Half of a pint of heavy cream

– 1 whole nutmeg

– Pint of cognac

– Half a pint of rum, preferably Jamaican

– ¾ cup of sugar

To prepare, first separate the yolks and the whites in two mixing bowls

Grate nutmeg into yolks and add the sugar.

Beat until it’s very thin

Incorporate the milk and cream and your booze.

In the other bowl, beat your egg-whites and slowly fold them into the rest of the nog. 

Finish with freshly fround nutmeg.

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