Dean Kelly Arrested for Parole Violation

Former model Dean Kelly is back in jail yet again. The one-time Aerosmith video hunk, who was accused of rape in 2005 and has been in and out of OPP repeatedly ever since, violated the terms of his parole, according to court records.


Kelly and his family said the model was beaten up in jail, so he struck a plea deal to see his release in September. However, this time it appears he didn't stick to the terms of that recent plea agreement. Court records don't specify which part of the deal he went back on, but Kelly was prohibited from using social media, contacting his victims and was ordered to register as a sex offender.


Kelly was most recently sent back to jail after a woman was found inside his boathouse in July. In 2011, he was accused of approaching and harassing women at various Starbucks locations.


When he took the September deal, Kelly pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery and carnal knowledge of a juvenile. If he violated the parole, however, a judge said he would be handed a 10-year sentence, with no credit for time served.


Stephen Babcock

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