Biologist, Congressman Call Out Jindal

Mitt Romney will soon have to decide who will speak up for him come the end of August at the GOP's Tampa convention, and the speculation about the potential no. 2s are only getting louder. For VP hopeful Bobby Jindal, that means adding scrutiny about education and health care to all the noise about Nessie and exorcism.


On Slate, Brown University biologist Kenneth R. Miller lambasted the governor yesterday on education, saying the state's new voucher program opens the door for creationism, or, as he puts it, scientific nonsense. 


Meanwhile, Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-NOLA) sent a letter to the gov who started his career as a health wonk today about his decision to say no to Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. "To be honest," he writes, referring to the recent massive Medicaid cuts that came down on the Pelican State, "Louisiana cannot afford to opt out of the Medicaid expansion." Read the whole letter here.

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