Ray Nagin Talks to Creator of Obama-in-Diapers Sign, Tweets

A block from Audubon Park, there were plenty of cameras and angry protesters hanging around a sign depicting Barack Obama wearing diapers. But only the arrival of C. Ray Nagin could make this a true media event. Nagin crossed the racial thicket line yesterday, and ventured into the home of the sign's creator, Timthoy Reily. After half an hour, Nagin emerged, but didn't make any comment to the media. We should've known better. As he showed earlier this summer, Nagin's preferred communication tool is the pen. Or, in this case, the Twitter.


In his statement about the sign summit, Nagin showed his diversity as an author. With his tome about Katrina's Secrets showcasing his penchant for being long-winded, Nagin clearly saw an opportunity to show that he can also be concise.


"Owner & I met. Tensions high. Sign may come down. Has others. Explosive!" he wrote.


Brevity is the soul of wit…or something like that.

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