Billy Nungesser’s Diverse Portfolio

by Sarah Stansbury

The Walton and Johnson endorsed candidate for Lt. Governor, Billy Nungesser, has a disclosed personal finance report that King Midas would covet. Nungesser, who had more than $1 million in cash on hand as of his latest campaign finance report. But that's not from fundraisers. He gave himself a loan to run the final month of his campaign. His opponent in the primary, Jay Dardenne, had about $636,000. On the business side, Nungesser's holdings make it look like Warren Buffett is advising this guy.  


Nungesser not only controls a trust comprised of several properties and interest in three successful venture capital firms (Audubon Capital, Yale Street Investors, and PPQ Northshore). he's a man raking in beaucoup stock market money at a time when most Americans are taking a bath on Wall Street.


Nungesser's father, William Nungesser Sr. was a Louisiana politico and confidante of David Treen, who founded the General Marine Catering company. Before he was talking to Anderson Cooper a lot and getting mad about oil, Nungesser Jr, or “Pinky” parlayed his dad's company into General Marine Leasing Company. He made a mint by recycling shipping containers into offshore housing units.


Here's the portfolio, as disclosed:


Centurylink Inc., A telecommunications firm out of Monroe, La.  Nungesser ownes 446 shares at $33.27, adding up to $14,838.42. 


Kimberly Clark Inc. A paper-based consumer product company with a royal warrant. Nungesser owns 63 shares at $69.29, adding up to $4,365.27. 


AT&T, a huge telecom company Nungesser has 2000 shares of common stock at $27.68 each, adding up to $55,360.


Blackrock Energy & Resources, the world's largest asset manager. Nungesser owns 3500 shares at $23.38 each, additing up to $81,830.


Cohen & Steers Infrastructures Fd, a company investing in utilities and communication. Nungesser owns 4701 shares at $15.08 adding up to $70,891.08.


Marathon Oil Co, an oil company. Nungesser owns 1500 shares at $22.21 each, adding up to $33,315.


NFJ Dividend Interest & Pre Strgy, a management investment Co.Nungesser owns 3024 shares at $15.43 each, adding up to $46,660.32. 


Superior Energy Services, an oil industry supplier. Nungesser owns 2600 shares at $28.79, adding up tp $74,854. 


Trinity and Delaware, Nungesser owns 1500 shares at $21.90 each, adding up to $32,850.


Williams Company, a natural gas giant. Nungesser owns 1500 shares at $24.98 each, adding up to $37,470.


In stock holdings alone this year, Nungesser has $452,434.09. As Plaquemines Parish President he received a salary of $70, 755 in 2010. Last year, Nungesser received between 100,000 and 200,000 in the sale of Louisiana State Energy Bonds and Terrebone Hospital bonds. According to 2010 census data, per capita income for citizens of Louisiana was $22,535 in 2010, and 17.6% of citizens were living below the poverty line.


Speaking of portfolios, Nungesser has been racking up endorsements as well. Here's one from Big Oozy brawler, Kevin Costner:



Financal information was taken from the the Tier 1 Personal Financial Disclosure Statement Nungesser filed with the Louisiana Board of Ethics from the Campaign Finance Disclosure Report Nungesser filed 7/25/2011, and from the U.S Census Bureau.






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