Dublin St. Derelict Detained

Thanks to a Crimestoppers tip, police were able to unload the fistful of warrants they were holding on Trebor Blanton Wednesday. The 22-year-old was wanted for four Uptown robberies that he is allegedly committed over a four-week period. After receiving an anonymous tip, NOPD arrested Blanton in the 14,000 block of Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans East. Blanton is accused in robbery incidents on Aug. 25, 29, Sept. 2 and 12. 


Three of the robberies, which came at knifepoint, occurred in the Carrollton area near Dublin St.. Blanton is also accused of stealing a car, and using the victim's credit cards to buy things in the East. The arrest will only up his already-bursting rap sheet, which contains four felonies, 31 misdemeanors and a traffic arrest.


Details of Blanton's alleged crimes follow:


  • August 25 Corner of Benjamin and Pine Streets, auto theft
  • August 29 Corner of Dublin and Jeanette Streets, armed robbery
  • Sept. 2 1800 block of Dublin St., armed robbery
  • Sept. 12 Corner of Dublin and Oak Streets, armed robbery

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