Tall Ships Comin’, Get Out the Way

Next year, a group of the U.S. Navy's best and brightest ships from around the world including the giant, amphibious USS Wasp (too easy…) are heading to the Port of New Orleans, Mayor Mitch announced yesterday. We haven't seen this kind of blockade since the Battle of…ginkies! it all makes sense, now! The fleet is coming to kick off a three-year celebration to commemorate the War of 1812 and the only two things anyone remembers from that war: the Star Spangled Banner and the Battle of New Orleans.



The weeklong kickoff, set for April 17-23, 2012, will also feature an air show by the Blue Angels, and – get ready ladies – sailors. New Orleans will also be the host city for the 2015 party that caps off the commemoration. That apperance will mark the bicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans. United  already afoot to move the battle commemoration until after the celebration is already over.

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