Heckuva Return: Michael Brown Makes NOLA Stopover

Over at the Convention Center, alt-weekly deity and Savage Love columnist Dan Savage is speaking to a library conference tonight, but the weekend's true beastly rage might be on display a bit further Uptown. Six years after he impressed George W. Bush with his leadership skills, Michael "Heckuva Job Brownie" Brown will again drop in for a whirlwind visit.  We're checking with local angry mob suppliers, as a run on pitchforks and torches is expected.


The former FEMA head has a new K memoir, Deadly Indifference will be hawking his contribution to the disaaster management oeuvre with an appearance tonight at the Garden District Book Shop (6:00 p.m.), and tomorrow at the Maple Street Book Shop (3:00 p.m.).


Brownie's visit comes at a particularly opportune time for refuting the claims former NOLA Mayor C. Ray Nagin makes in his just-released memoir, Katrina's Secrets. Brown, who is now a talk-show host and political blogger (not a disaster consultant, for the record), has already taken to his own blog to call out Nagin for some of his more adventurous claims. In a missive titled, "I Rest My Case. Mayor Ray Nagin: FEMA and CIA Will Assassinate Me," Brownie introduces a repost of Da Paper's story on Da Mayor's book with the following:


"Deadly Indifference, The Perfect (Political) Storm, published by Taylor Trade, an imprint of Rowan & Littlefield – not self-published – describes the problems encountered during Hurricane Katrina. I’ve not been asked to comment so far on Mayor Nagin’s recently self-published book, Katrina’s Secrets, nor do I need to comment on the book."


What, Brownie? No secrets for us?

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