Slick Surprise

So, Billy Nungesser wasn't possessed by an alien lifeform that made his mind manifest more oil after all. The rapidly spreading oil off the coast of Grand Isle leaked from a well owned by Houston-based Anglo Suisse Offshore Partners. The company was trying to plug the well, which has been out of commission for some time now, and expressed alleged "surprise" that the thing could still cough up oil. Maybe they shouldn't have plugged it after all!


It was four days before the company admitted they were at fault. Why didn't they come forward sooner? Well, that's because, according to federal regulations, they only have to tell people about it when they feel like it. That is to say, when there's a 100-mile sheen of oil spreading in the Gulf of Mexico only one year and less than 100 miles from the spot where the worst oil accident in U.S. history happened. Turns out, people get skeptical about that sort of thing.

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