Abiding, Part XII


In a final segment, Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for The Dude in "The Big Lebowski" wanted to offer a few more words on the oil spill and hope for our future.


JD: This oil spill, beyond all the stuff we all know and have seen, the damage to people's lives, you know, the environment, the longterm stuff, it really though is a message of not only, you know, what's wrong with our priorities in terms of short-term over longterm, or mid-term or even tomorrow afternoon, driven by really historically outdated economic forces, there's a point where Capitalism (??? brings out Feudalism) and there's a point, but when you get to the point of Monopoly-Capitalism and Oligarchies, you know, HUGE oil companies and stuff like that, that's not good for economies at the end of the day. It really isn't. And certainly not good for the U.S. economy, so dependent and all that kinda stuff. 


So, what we're witnessing is an opportunity. Unfortunately, the Gulf is the victim. And I really mean unfortunately, it brings me to tears watching it on the TV at times. I mean, I'm an outdoor guy, too. It's just insane. Insane. But what it shows is, you know, everything was done wrong. 


It's not that we're incapable of getting energy any other way. Of course we're capable, we're doing it. So, if we're doing it here, here and here, why aren't we doing it everywhere? We just gotta expand what would be right. You know, there are those models that exist. There's nothing that we don't know about that couldn't be done for sustainable, alternative energy. Whole countries like Brazil, by the way, went into biofuel and, you know, in 15 years, they went to 94% of the cars using biofuel, sugar cane, you know? You think they can't grow sugar cane in Louisiana?


NoDef: Yeah.


JD: You could grow more sugar cane, you could grow more algae in your yard, you know, grow algae in your yard to run your car for a week, you know, every week. It's ridiculous. The point is we need to look at what got us there and also the level of disorganization. And our government, what's going on, why there's a rise in the right wing, why there's nobody else right now is because government, all this, is shown to be a total failure, and Obama too. It's the man, not the chair once again. 


It is insane that the government and the forces haven't come in and just road-blocked that oil so that the skimmers and stuff like that, the super suckers or whatever those tankers do and stuff. I mean, instead of putting out those booms that don't work that are meant for circling little boats in the harbor and don't work at all in the ocean, of course, or barely. It's just, everything's been insane about this. 


What this says is that we really have to examine, really examine, by putting it in terms that are progressive about why government is just totally, TOTALLY not only corrupted, but disorganized. They're incapable of making decisions. 


You know, Billy Nungesser's sitting there, from Plaquemines Parish, and saying, "Look, we could do this, this and this now." But, you know, they can't make a decision. Or some idiot at the Environmental Protection doesn't understand or they're worried about the Joe that — You know, people can't, people are so, have become not, this goes back to The Dude, so much not their own person that everybody's afraid to make a statement. 


The timing of this is an opportunity to reorganize everything in a positive, futuristic way. And we can do it. We can turn everything, the economy, the environment, we actually CAN do it. The sun will shine tomorrow, we can come together and make a difference and The Dude abides.


NoDef:The Dude indeed abides.


The Dude is willing to take questions from our readers. Women, I'll let you in on a little secret. As Jeff and I spent the next hour discussing our personal lives and men in particular, he said, "The secret is The Dude is one of the girls." Though, Jeff is all Dude, he does have amazing insight into relationships.


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