R.I.P. Albert Joseph Jackson, the Moses of Magazine St

By Laura Cayouette

Albert Joseph Jackson, the Moses of Magazine Street, passed away Tuesday. A Vietnam veteran, he lived in the Irish Channel and passed away in his brother's house. If you met Albert, you already know what a unique character he was in a city chock full of unique characters. 


A fixture on Magazine Street, he was always ready with a heartfelt, "God bless you." Albert was one of the first people I met when I moved here and our small exchanges came to make me feel at home. He was fond of the phrases, "We are all one" and "God loves all his children." 


I have a rule I try to live by – to never die with my mouth full of all the nice things I meant to say to people so I'm so glad I stopped a few days ago, even with ice cream melting in my grocery bag, to tell him how impressed I was with his work on "Memphis Beat." At the risk of offending the hard working folks on that show, my favorite moments of the season thus far have been his. He was hilarious as the porch-setting pal of the blind witness.


I had literally just been talking about him as I happened onto his impromptu memorial in front of Sabai jewelry store on Magazine. Wooden letters spell out "FAMILY" amidst feather boas, flowers and candles. One of the many letters read, "If all of us bring just half the sunshine to the day Albert did, it is a life well lived." Another ended with, "And thank you for getting me across the street when I was drunk."


You will be truly missed, Albert.


The memorial will be on Monday 8-9-10. Donations for his second line are being accepted at Sabai 3115 Magazine




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