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Wisdom of Elders: Landrieu Picks Up Senior Endorsement

By Ashley Larsen

The gloves are coming off in the senate race. Mary Landrieu received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM) yesterday, October 21st. NCPSSM is one the largest advocacy groups to protect the federal benefits for seniors in the country. Max Richtman, the President and CEO of the coalition, presented Landrieu with a pair of boxing gloves at the event in New Orleans to help prepare her to “fight” for Social Security and Medicare.


“The National Committee takes its endorsements very seriously,” said Max Richtman in a press release Tueday. “Senator Landrieu’s record is clear and attests to her support for the preservation of both Social Security and Medicare. We also need to remember, as Senator Landrieu clearly does, that these programs are about real people who depend on Social Security and Medicare to live independent and dignified lives. Senator Mary Landrieu has earned the National Committee’s endorsement because she understands and supports wholeheartedly the critical roles Social Security and Medicare play in the retirement and health security of our nation’s older citizens and their families.”


Medicare and Social Security are hot topics in the Senate race this year, as Cassidy, the Republican contender for the Congressional seat, has been outspoken about his plan to raise Social Security to age 70. Both the Incumbent and Col. Maness, the Tea-Party candidate, have opposed the change. 


Louisiana has one of the lowest life expectancies in the country, men in over one -third of the state’s parishes have a life expectancy of 71 or below. 


This isn’t the first time the Senator has received an endorsement from the older generation, the Alliance for Retired Americans recently gave Landrieu a score of 100 on her 2013 voting record in relation to issues affecting seniors and retirees. Cassidy received a score of 0. 


In the state of Louisiana, the majority of the 840,000 citizens on Social Security, and 720,000 on Medicare are seniors.


The NCPSSM is one of the largest non-partisan organizations in the country that advocates for senior issues. It has more than 30,000 members in Louisiana, and over a million nationwide.

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