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Defender Picks


William Michael Morgan's Real Country

By Bfrad Bohannan

Sometimes you have to take chances to make it in the country music business. William Micheal Morgan has done just that by being a 'real' singer singing 'real' country music.  What do I mean? This young artist doesn't need the back up singers to strengthen his voice, he doesn't need the light show, he doesn't need distracting dancers. He has a strong, solid voice and impeccable tastes in song choices. Think George Strait. To all the country fans that have been complaining about the style and quality of the country music, William Micheal Morgan is what you have been asking for.  


William Micheal Morgan's self titled Album had its first radio single, 'I Met A Girl' enjoy moderate billboard success. The song is about a girl that is so perfect for him that she could catch the eye of a hurricane. By the tune’s end, he catches her eye and you have to imagine they live happily ever after.


'Beer Drinker' is a song that makes you realize that if something is done it was probably done by a beer drinker (Morgan’s way of saying ‘your everyday guy’). This is an anthem that anyone who punches that daily clock will love!


'Back Seat Driver' brings me back to conversation I would have with my father when I first learned how to drive. He would tell me to buckle up religiously as I would walk out with keys. It's about the struggle of a parent giving the freedom to let a child grow up.


William Micheal Morgan is a special and rare talent with the ability not only to sing but to deliver the song like only the great can. If county music truly wants to get back to being county music William Micheal Morgan is the real deal. So I would like to thank a Beer Drinker for his debut album! It hit the mark!


Brad Bohannan is a New Orleans entrepreneur. He owns a music publishing company, co-host a songwriting show, and hosts several music events a year. He also owns Spirits On Bourbon and Turtle Bay on Decatur. Brad can be reached at

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