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'Week of Action' Precedes Big Oozy Birthday

Tis the season for lineup rollouts. But, amidst all of the festivals roster reveal, one somber schedule was released. April 20 marks the five year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill. A week of activities is scheduled preceding the Big Oozy’s birthday.


The Gulf Culture Coalition is staging a “week of action” ending with a protest at BP’s Houston headquarters. The coalition aims to remind the corporation and the public that the effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster are still lingering.


“We are as a region trying to amplify our message to the nation that the Gulf Coast residents and environment have not recovered from the BP Oil Disaster. We want make sure that frontline and grassroots voices are at the center of the discussion,” Jayeesha Deotta, Gulf Future Coalition Coordinator.


The activists point to tar mats still on gulf beaches as well as post-spill declines in the once plentiful oyster, shellfish and finfish populations.


The NOLA-created collaboration Cry You One will be staged in Houston. In addition, ports across the region will serve as staging points for Come Fish Off My Boat. The program invites the public and press to join lifelong fishermen on their vessels and experience the effects on their livelihood firsthand.


The fill schedule follows.


Thursday, April 16

Launch of Come Fish Off My Boat trips & Press Statement: Bay St. Louis, MS

Louisiana Rising, Baton Rouge, LA


Friday, April 17

Cry You One at Mason Park (4/17, 4/18 and 4/19): Houston, TX

2nd Come Fish Off My Boat trip & Press Conference: Biloxi, MS at 5pm

BP 5th Anniversary Concert at Howlin Wolf, New Orleans, LA


Saturday, April 18

Earth Day Festival & Solar Derby: Palmer Park, New Orleans, LA

El Grande Dia de Madre Tierra/Nan Elew Family Festival: Mason Park, Houston, TX

Earth Day Mobile Bay, Fairhope Pier, Mobile AL 

3rd Come Fish Off My Boat trip & press conference: Houma, LA


Sunday, April 19

Community BP Memorial:  Coden, AL

Stop LNG in the RGV Public Demonstration: South Padre Island, TX; 1pm

4th Come Fish Off My Boat trip & press statement: Venice, LA


Monday, April 20

The Gulf Remembers, 5 Year Observances: A Regional Day of Action

* BP Headquarters, Houston, TX

* Parade, New Orleans, LA * Oystermens Press Event, Davant, LA * Water Ceremony & Vigil, Pensacola, FL


Tuesday, April 21

End Toxic Dispersants Day of Action

5th and 6th Come Fish Off My Boat trips & press statement: Bayou LaBatre, AL

87 Days of Oil Social Media Action, National


Wednesday, April 22+

7th Come Fish Off My Boat trip & press statement: Galveston, TX

Earth Day: Call for a Just Transition in the Gulf Coast, National

Scientific Society Horizons 2015, Tallahassee, FL

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